I really feel displaced sometimes becaues i have so much resentment for white girls tbh
like this time i got hella angrey becaues thus white girl blog that baby follows seemed ok so i was creeping and she reblogs stuff like “i wana go traveling” in big blocky lettering in a sketch brook probley written in sharper like
then that makes me angrey
I feel a destintive need to travel and move and it overwhelms me to the point were im sick and i get to high to remeber what im doing and i physically beed to calm down from the thought of traveling and how uts the onky thing i really want to do and how its so unbelievably not possible for me in my youth becaues if money and wtf would i do after and just so much stress with ut and why cant i just wrote cute things about ny wants and needs instead of letting them control me.
i think im the kind of girl that gets left behind and ignored due to me being ti much work rather then thinking of me after the facts and having any sigh of relief .