friendlyneighborhoodcommiescum asked:

Hello! I saw you in the tavros cosplay tag and was wondering how you went about the metal on your robo-legs? If you could get back to me that would be really wonderful. ^u^

Hi! And absoulutly, I’ll give you a short tutorial and if you need more info please just ask and I’ll be more than happy to help!

1. I got a VERY tight pair of skinny jeans. I’m a size 3 but for robo!legs you always want to go smaller, so I picked up a size 2. If they’re your size or bigger, they bag around your legs and don’t look like robot legs. If if the tightness is uncomfortable, just use your size. As long as thier SKINNY jeans.

2. Get 2 cans of silver METALLIC spray paint and spray those jeans until they’re shiny, you’ll need the second can for the foam.

3. The panels are just craft foam, i got mine for like 50 cents at Joanns. I cut them to size in rectangles, back and front, to fit the measurment of my legs with a measuring tape. (it’s going to be hard to do this project by yourself, by the way, especially this measuring part!)

4. Once that is done, you need to hold their shape. Turn on your stove and hold one peice of foam at a time over it until it folds, then mold it to your leg so it holds its shape. Do this with every panel!

5. Spray paint your panels at least with two coats each! (OR metallic acryllic paint, but it’s a little more tedious)

6. This part is tedious and requires patience and a partner. Using any glue of your choosing, as long as it’s strong and will stay (I recommend “GOOP”. the panels will NEVER come off again if you use that.). Place plenty of glue on each panel and glue onto your jeans WHILE YOU ARE WEARING THEM (otherwise, holding thier shape will be hard!) and continue until you can’t reach the back panels, which you will need your friend to glue on for you.

Just be very patient with the GOOP if you use it, it takes the person holding it at least five full minutes holding the panel to the jeans before it cements properly, or else it’ll just fall off. Also, it’s freaking cold on your legs but it shouldn’t leak or anything.

I really hope that was helpful, if not, just as for more clearification! : ))) Hope it works for you!