I drew desperish’s Sexy….oh sexy dwarf inquisitor Adris. Good god he’s attractive, I had to draw him. I hope you don’t hate it ; _ ; I’m always nervous doing random art for people. Enjoy!

On another good side. I finally found out how to make my pencil lines look good with my flats! I’m sooooo happy. I love the gritty look but could never pull it off. So yay to that. 

weeehkjdslgs; I always end up drawing a lil Bene for my dear Lizzy but I was really quite inspired with this one

Ain’t anything special, but I imagine here he is holding his first born with Madion, whom is L’s- ecstatic as he looks into his child’s eyes ; ;

First born I believe would mean that this child is Taylor, whom respectively belongs to Lauren.

Just a small thank you gift to my bb. <3 Benedict © Lizzy, enjoy. Reference used.