Les Twins at Dance@live in Japan-

I haven’t posted any Les Twins videos is awhile so here’s one to brighten your day. 8D

Man, I love these guys. And, funny fact the word “les” means “the” so their name literally translate to “the twins.”

Cheri the Leavanny (inked)-

This is a picture I drew today of a 5th generation pokemon called “Leavanny.” I LOVE this picture, because it was so easy to sketch. That in itself is something for me to be proud of, considering I’m usually terrible with drawing pokemon. Anyway, I will probably post a colored version of this real soon! (SN:I have a Leavanny on my Pokemon Black game)

Yumi loves money-

Okay, so I have had a recent case of nostalgia and started looking at some of my favorite cartoons again on youtube. One of those cartoons were “Hi Hi Puffy Amy Yumi Show!” Man, I use to (and still do) LOVE that show! Yumi and Ami were both my favorite characters. I liked the animation, the music, like the theme song, and the random japanese phrases. XD HHPAY taught me what “sonna koto nai” meant.

Anyway, after that long introduction this is a drawing of one the main characaters, Yumi, in my style looking at money on a table.

Orange panda-

Look its an orange panda!

I made this freehand in paint tool sai. I think I’m getting better, and with the use of practice I will be able to draw freehand without my lines being scribbly. Anyway, I hope you like him! I have recently been on a panda kick. I have been favoriting and liking lots of pictures of pandas on tumblr. So, that made me want to draw one too. (I drew this with no reference so if its inaccurate it probably is…)

Amber and Carmen-

This is a a picture someone asked my to draw on an art site. The green cat is Carmen, and the female cat is Amber. These characters don’t belong to me.

I personally think this is one of my better drawings, and it’s not just because it took me two days to finish. I like the coloring here, so I think I’m really starting to improve. And I have actually incorporated a background even though its not complex.