Look! Today I have some nice conversions for you with crappy previews. :)

These are TS2 conversions from the IKEA SP - though the single bed is an addon made by HugeLunatic. All of them come in 20 colors by Eversims except for the end table that only comes in white - I can do it in the same 20 colors if requested or you can do it yourself. Although it does have a snazzy glass texture, how cool isn’t that? (Not very, I know.)

Here is what you get: a living chair, end table, single&double bed, dresser, desk chair, rug and a cabinet. Did you know that the desk chair is actually a “dining” chair? Yeah, say that with a straight face. That is not a dining chair. Oh and btw, use the beds with bb.moveobjects! The frames are higher than the mattresses and you have to use 9/0 to make the mattress fit. I have clicked ‘9′ twice.

Credits to S4S, TSRW, Poppet (for the chevron rug base), Eversims, HugeLunatic and of course EAxis for the gorgeous meshes. On to the downloads @ dropbox.

Skruvsta Livingchair
Strind Endtable
Anes Doublebed
Anes Singlebed
Anes Dresser
Nominell Deskchair
PS Cabinet
Uldum Rug
Get the lot

Tell me if you encounter any issues or if I’ve missed something. xx

CC used: wallpaper by lina-cherie, floor by simsrocuted, mattresses by simsinwonderland and climbing ivy by veranka-s4cc

stxnleymxrsh asked:

A knock came at Craig's door. The two were partnered up for a English project for the end of the year and Stan really just wanted to get it out of the way to have more time to relax. Besides, he was pretty sure Craig just associates him with Eric's bullshit and didn't wanna be roped into this either. Which was a little true. He did usually go along with his friend's schemes. Be that as it may, they were partners and he had to do the project. ((Hope this is okay.))

((this is perfect!))

Craig sighs when he hears the door. He really, really doesn’t want to be working with Stan for the last project of the year. He would much rather be sitting in his room alone, far far away from Stan. He wants nothing to do with him. Begrudgingly, he pulls himself out of his desk chair and jogs downstairs, pulling open the door. “Hi.”


Around the Sims 3 | Sims 4 to 3 | “Get to Work” Police Station

Another huge Sims 4 adaptation for the Sims 3: the Get to Work police station, with many decorative items (boxes, folders…), furniture (desk, cabinets, chair…), but also usable items (crime map, identification station, stoten ATM…) Most of the items exist in two versions: one old and damaged as EA intended it, and one cleaner, so you can use these items for other purposes.

I hope you’ll enjoy!

(PS: I’ve just realized that I had forgotten the taller cabinet. *facepalm* So, expect a “add-ons” soon! ;))



| hallway tableclothes | sitting | arts | curtains | bed | bedcover/pillows | shelfs | hanging lampnight stand | cabinet | magazineskitchen | barstoolsfridge | ceiling fan | lamp | diningtable | chairs | clutter, clutter | plantssofa, armchair | tv stand | keyboard | | coffee table | table behind sofa | round table | lamp | haning jar lights | desk | computer | chair | guitar | rug | stereo


Finally, floor 2, where I just could not decide what style to do, but this is how it turned out. It’s located in the brick section with the black ladders but it has a different layout than the one on floor 1, just because of the front door. It still has the awesome window room by the balcony and also a bigger bathroom. 

Feel free to use this just as a cc list OR you can choose the apartment floor you like the best to use with the build/use them all! The apartment build will be available for download very soon, hopefully on saturday or sunday!

Ps. click the #apartmentbuild to see all the cc lists for this build!