Attachment to Desire as the Cause of Suffering...

A state of “desirelessness”, or non-attatchment to passing desires, as Freedom/Liberation/”moksha” (Sanskrit: मोक्ष mokṣa), also called vimoksha, vimukti and mukti, means emancipation, liberation or release. It connotes freedom from saṃsāra, the cycle of death and rebirth.

This means giving up attachments to what feels “good”/pleasurable, and what feels “bad”/disagreeable. But, this giving up doesn’t entail not doing anything at all, or rejecting all experiences, but just the attachment to them. It’s a matter of dis-identifiying with the phenomena of the mind (thoughts, sensations, etc) in order to be at peace with all experiences.

In this state pain and pleasure are the same. Joy and sorrow, love and hate, life and death- all the same. The Buddhists call this “Equanimity”. Western thinkers have called this “The Witness”, and I like to use the phrase “Spiritual Non-Attatchment. 

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This state of being is a gradual process cultivated through meditation practice and mindfulness throughout all the experiences in life, sleep, dreaming, and so forth. Slowly the mind loosens its grip on reality. The frequency of constant ticking of the mind diminishes, a spaciousness is obtained and full presence of any experience is realized.

Through practicing meditation and integrating into daily life you can see that we are pure awareness, a separate entity from our body, sensations, emotions and thoughts. This means we have the power to transcend the body/mind and reside in this state of pure consciousness.

From this higher perspective the world is recognized to be transient, and only a partial of a greater force/reality (Ultimate, Absolute, God). This transcendental wisdom, when fully integrated becomes fully present in every breath, every action. This is Moksha, this is freedom, this is eternal bliss, absolute knowledge, ultimate consciousness. 

Desirelessness comes on its own when desire is recognized as false. You need not struggle with desire. Ultimately, it is an urge to happiness, which is natural as long as there is sorrow. Only see that there is no happiness in what you desire. Each pleasure is wrapped in pain. You soon discover that you cannot have one without the other.
—  Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

chags pa med - desirelessness [RY]

chags pa med pa - nonattachment, desirelessness, detachment; unbounded [RY]

chags pa med pa’i sgor ‘jug pa - enter the gate of desirelessness [IW]

chags bral lnga - five types of desirelessness [RY]

chags mi mnga’ chang - liquor of desirelessness [IW]

chags mi mnga’i chang - liquor of desirelessness [IW]

chags med - Syn {chags bral}, desireless, nondesire, nonattachment, desirelessness, without attachment; [without defilement, uninvolved] [RY]

ma chags pa - non-attachment [one of the 11 virtuous mental states) desirelessness [R] [IW]

ma chags pa - Non-attachment, as one of the eleven virtuous mental states, desirelessness, not being attached, without attachment. {nyer len gyi phung po lnga dang srid pa’i longs spyod la mngon par mi zhen pa} detached [RY]

ma chags pa - non-attachment; 1) of the 11 virtuous mental states) desirelessness [not attached to the five perpetuating skandhas and the enjoyments of samsara and not motvitted by that to do evil deeds] [IW]

You are unbounded Awareness — Bliss, Supreme Bliss - in which the universe appears like the mirage of a snake in a rope. Be happy. It is true what they say: “You are what you think.” If you think you are bound you are bound. If you think you are free you are free. You are Self—the Solitary Witness. You are perfect, all-pervading, One. You are free, desireless, forever still. The universe is but a seeming in You.
—  Ashtavakra Gita

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 Me etiquetó Karu ♥ ( dumbwaystorol )

  1) Voyage, vorage — Desireless.

  2)  Losing my religion — REM.

  3) Esa estrella era mi lujo — Los Redonditos de Ricota.

  4) The sun always shines on TV — a-Ha.

  5) La razón que te demora — La Renga.

  6) Self Control — Laura Branigan.

  7) Somebody to love — Queen.

  8) Dream on — Aerosmith.

  9) Respect — Aretha Franklin.

  10) Витя aka Последняя Блатная Песня

 Tengo canciones bastante animadas, como verán ♥. Por cierto, la última cuenta sobre un presidiario durante la época de la URSS. Es como una pequeña parodia de todo.


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Desireless - Voyage, Voyage.

This video is nothing like I imagined. She seems intense.

Devotee: How can one become free from the stain of association?

Bhagavan Ramana: By satsanga.

"By association with sages comes non-attachment, from non-attachment comes freedom from desire, from desirelessness comes mental stillness, from mental stillness comes freedom from the ego."

Satsanga means sanga with Sat. Sat is only the Self. Since the Self is not now understood to be Sat, the company of the sage who has thus understood it is sought. That is Satsanga. Introversion results.