Desirelessness comes on its own when desire is recognized as false. You need not struggle with desire. Ultimately, it is an urge to happiness, which is natural as long as there is sorrow. Only see that there is no happiness in what you desire. Each pleasure is wrapped in pain. You soon discover that you cannot have one without the other.
—  Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

chags pa med - desirelessness [RY]

chags pa med pa - nonattachment, desirelessness, detachment; unbounded [RY]

chags pa med pa’i sgor ‘jug pa - enter the gate of desirelessness [IW]

chags bral lnga - five types of desirelessness [RY]

chags mi mnga’ chang - liquor of desirelessness [IW]

chags mi mnga’i chang - liquor of desirelessness [IW]

chags med - Syn {chags bral}, desireless, nondesire, nonattachment, desirelessness, without attachment; [without defilement, uninvolved] [RY]

ma chags pa - non-attachment [one of the 11 virtuous mental states) desirelessness [R] [IW]

ma chags pa - Non-attachment, as one of the eleven virtuous mental states, desirelessness, not being attached, without attachment. {nyer len gyi phung po lnga dang srid pa’i longs spyod la mngon par mi zhen pa} detached [RY]

ma chags pa - non-attachment; 1) of the 11 virtuous mental states) desirelessness [not attached to the five perpetuating skandhas and the enjoyments of samsara and not motvitted by that to do evil deeds] [IW]

I shut my laptop off bc it was getting burny and now I can’t find the link about consent by radical trans feminist.

About how it’s impossible in the context of patriarchy to fully consent,

but where does that leave us sex workers? I see what she’s saying, I do, and I’ve heard it before and agree to a lesser extent—this is the world we live in right now, how meaningful is it to declare all consent not fully meaningful? What does that do to us?
But especially what does that do to sex workers?
Because of course our consent has meaning.
It’s desireless, it’s motivated by financial gain, but it has as much (or more) meaning as the most turned-on teenager and the most baby-hungry wife.

How do we talk about consent in a way that includes all of these ways and motivations for consenting? When “enthusiastic yes” just isn’t cutting it?