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Trapped in my dreams... 💋

I’m trapped in my dreams where I’m approached by a man. A man who grabs me from behind, bends me over a table, quickly grips my wrists so my hands are behind my back. I struggle to move, lifting my head, and he pushes my face against the table. Slowly, he leans against my body. I feel his warm breath on my neck and then on my ear. He softly whispers, “easy baby girl” and I’m suddenly frozen. I’m scared yet aroused at the same time. I can’t see his face, but the sound of his voice resonates through my body. I think I know this man.

He slowly rises off me, grabs something from his pocket and I wince as he tightly wraps and rope around my wrists. In an instant, I feel his hand caressing my back moving slowly down to my ass. He lifts my dress, revealing my red lace panties and I hear him inhale sharply. He presses himself against me and I can feel his hard cock struggling to contain itself within its confines. I gasp as he takes both hands and rips my panties, leaving me exposed and vulnerable. He spanks my ass, hard, and it stings. He spanks me again, even harder…this time telling me I was a bad girl. I then feel his hand graze the inside of my thigh, moving slowly up towards my now, very wet pussy. I let out a moan as he slides a finger inside of me, and then another, slowly moving in and out. A torturous motion that leaves me pleading for more . “Mmmm….so delicious” he says. My legs feel weak, my mind in a daze, my body aches, I’m drunk in the moment.

Without hesitation, I let out a sharp cry as he slams his hard cock deep inside me. Thrusting in and out with such ferocity. He lets out a groan, clearly enjoying himself, thrusting harder and harder. I feel his hand reach around my throat pulling my mouth to meet his. He tongue is deep in my mouth as he continues to force his cock deeper inside me. My body is helpless underneath him and I’m on the verge of an orgasm as he whispers, “not yet baby girl.”

…..this is when I wake up. Never getting to finish, never finding out who the mystery man is. My dominant. Trapped.

—-written by blueeyezz22, please do not alter. 💋