Reminder to Get Creative and Win a $500 eBay Gift Card

We’re loving the entries so far for our contest to celebrate You Can’t Fake Fashion. The bag auction ended on Monday, but luckily there’s more time for the graphic competition, where we challenge our readers to alter a bag digitally. It’s easy. Just download the tote image and use your imagination (and Photoshop, or whatever software you like). The winner gets $500 worth of eBay goodies. All artwork must be submitted by 12 p.m. EST on April 5th. Enter the contest here

(Photo: Rodarte Bag for YCFF. GIF by FashGif. Text by Jauretsi)

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Downsize the Easy Way

Having a closet like J. Crew Creative Director Jenna Lyons can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you’ve got options in surplus. On the other, you’ve probably got a few pieces that you just don’t use collecting dust in a far, far away corner. eBay is a great way to unload beautiful but unused pieces. If you’re planning on downsizing in bulk, this can be a daunting task, and eBay aims to take the anxiety out of the prospect for you. As described last week, here’s how eBay’s new Selling Assistant program works… [MORE] eBay sends an employee to your home who carefully logs your entire inventory and sells it for you. The pick-up itself is free, but the service fee is 25% of sales. In the end, you’ll have more money from all those unused pieces still lingering in your closet! For more info, check out eBay Selling Assistant

(Photo courtesy of MyHaunteBlogture. Text by Jenny Bahn)

A Little Curl Goes a Long Way

By Jauretsi

Can you see how spending a few more minutes on the hair makes all the difference? Fear not, eBay has a few curling irons and hair curlers to get this look nailed down. Now all you need is the knowledge how to put it all together. Here’s a few treasure manuals found in stock: Hairstyle of the 1920’s, and Hairstyles of the 1960’s — a veritable cheat-sheet from our maternal ancestors. 

(Image: Pinned by Jessica Cangiano)

I Spy: Pedro Friedeberg

Best known for his “hand chair” (seen above right), Mexican designer and artist Pedro Friedeberg is a master at incorporating surrealist principles with functional design. In fact, along with Frida Kahlo, the two were the only Mexican artists recognized by Andre Breton as members of the Surrealist movement. It’s amazing to us that you can actually find these chairs on eBay, believe it or not. For just $4,400, you can scoop up a pair. If that’s too rich for your blood, there’s some amazing lithographs for you to sift through. And remember, if you plan on buying, make sure to ask the seller if it’s signed. You can read Friedeberg’s own efforts against fakes here.

(Photo: Courtesy of Song of Style. Text by Jenny Bahn)

Insta-Peep-o-Gram: Gold Rush 

By Sade Lythcott

In our ever watchful eye for combing through Instagram, we spotted the trend of heavy golding. Fashion designer Rachel Roy (@Rachel_Roy), Fashion model turned blogger Alexandra Spencer (@4thandbleeker) & style mavens Erica & Lauren from HonestlyWTF all were spotted during Fashion Week sporting the have it now bold chunky gold bangles.  You can make this mix and match look your own with a little help from eBay

Sweet Death

Nothing sweetens up a skull like a coat of paint and a halo of fake flowers. Thanks to Amanda Lipke for showing us that death doesn’t need to be morbid; it just needs to be spruced up a bit. To replicate this look at home, check out eBay’s selection of deer skulls here. The rest is up to you.

(Photo courtesy of @amanda_lipke via Instagram. Text by Jenny Bahn)

Spots of Sunshine 

With the charcoal walls and black light fixtures, this room relies on its crisp white duvet and yellow accessories to brighten up the space (and a few well-placed pumps, of course). The blanket, in particular, brings everything into focus, jelling the room into one cohesive space. Inspired, we did a quick search on eBay and found this gorgeous, canary yellow cashmere blanket by Ralph Lauren Home ($275). And if you’re looking for pillows with strong graphics, we found these in yellow and white

(Photo courtesy of Nuevo Estilo via notmybeautifulhome. Text by Jenny Bahn)

Best of the Bedside

The Inside Source loves all things old and re-purposed. Take, for instance, this medical lamp. Mixed in with the warmth of a barn-style decor, what could be a cold and creepy instrument of the past is now perfectly suited for the new task at hand. eBay has an abundance of vintage medical lamps on offer, in a variety of heights, shapes, and sizes. When purchasing vintage lighting, always keep in mind that you might have to invest a small amount in rewiring. This is something you can easily do yourself or, if you rather, take to a professional to do, usually for around $30 depending on the size of the lamp and where you live.

(Photo: Courtesy of lottagaton. Text by Jenny Bahn)

Me and My Shadow

Using cobbled together refuse — from stray spatulas to broken bottles — artist Diet Wiegman creates seemingly meaningless sculptures that, when viewed from a certain angle, cast beautifully articulated shadows of iconic forms. Michael Jackson, Michelangelo’s David, and Venus de Milo all get cameos here. Wiegman proves that one man’s trash is truly another man’s high art. 

(Photos courtesy of Diet Wiegman. Text by Jenny Bahn)