Finally I can show you a all a sneaky picture of something exciting & amazing I have coming out… Karla Powell Nail Art Design sheets! To add to my collection of Face Charts which were a massive hit! I have been sketching away tonight for nails I am doing for an upcoming photoshoot & thought I would give you a teaser! They are going to be in A5 Note pads on special paper you can add nail varnish to (just like I have done here) and you can sketch your designs too! Out soon with my Body Painting design sheets which I revealed a sneaky picture too last week on my Facebook page….




Final Pieces
Cutting out my final spreads, and making a folder for my design sheets.
I was really happy with how my spreads printed, the pictures were the perfect contrast (my mockups on the normal printers had me a bit skeptical) and the finish was really nice. Cutting them out was scary and spray-mounting the spreads together was an anxiety fest but I managed to get it laminated as best as I could, and finished by trimming two edges down to make them flush and neat.
Because my design sheets are all different sizes and I wanted to put the teeny little mockups with them as well, I decided to make a folder to put them in. Had to redo it but now it’s the right depth and holds them neatly.