A go to outfit for ultimate comfort and style. Our modest & versatile seperates can be mixed & matched to recreate your desired look.

Charcoal Long Cardigan
Stone Palazzo Pants
White Crepe Top
Black Maxi Jersey Hijab


I made these for no reason, really. but it was fun. My OC, Noir, in outfits he’s been in and a few I wanted to try out.

Bare Noir, Noir in his usualy outfit. then with long pants.

Noir the college coach, Warrior, and office co-worker. 

Noir the Northern monk. and Leather daddy bear.

Making these was cool. I might do more. 

Some additional browser gijinka related designs~

While I was working on designs for Torch (I'm having fun using it haha), I also gave Chromium a chance for designing~


He is the one from whom Google Chrome and some others got most of their knowledge (source code) from. He resembles GC in almost every way except that he has a weaker constitution and he never really had a ‘stable’ job. He mostly uses his free time to teach others who would be browsers in the future…for free.