Colours of my subconscious 🙏🏻.
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My “WHAT IF” challenge is coming together. The idea – WHAT IF Optimus Prime was the war rig from MAD MAX: FURY ROAD? Conclusion – MAD MAXIMUS. I’m working on the layout for the print right now, so for now – here are the designs. I’m really excited to draw this. 

The print will be available at HEROES CON 2015!

Stay tuned. 

This is probably super expected considering my love for both centaurs and getting a meal everyday so yee, centaur adoptables!

The three first ones of these are actually old adopts (from my weasyl account) remastered. Dare I say they look much better now that their designs are updated and that they’re not covered in those godawful lines, hahah

The last two designs are my faves, so please treat them well, future owner ;o;

Paypal only
First come first serve
Please do not resell your design for more than what you bought it for

UnderLined: $25 CLOSED
FluffyRascal: $20 ON HOLD
CutiePatootie: $25 OPEN
SteeleShine: $30 OPEN

Send me a message if you’re interested!

(Please consider reblogging this – I’m in pretty dire need of money right now and sharing makes these more likely to sell. Thank you! ;w;)

To all the different versions of human Bill out there!

I love you all.

I love seeing people who I follow draw their version of Bill Cipher. I love it. I really do. I love just tapping on to the tag or looking up Human!Bill Cipher because I love every single one of the designs I see.

I love seeing the tall Bills, the short nuggets ones, the adult Bills, the kiddie Bills, the baby Bills, the chubby Bills. I don’t what it is with me but I just love seeing different Bill Ciphers. I really, really do.

I love seeing the white as paper Bills, the tan, the dark, the nonexistant Bills, SPACE SKIN BILLS! I love seeing the designs for clothes on him with suspenders, snazzy suits, dorky teenager or big fluffy sweaters! I love seeing long haired, short hairs, medium hair, half shaved, blue, red, yellow, gold, black hair on him and so many others.

I just really love the different designs of Bill because those are how people picture him. AND ITS AMAZING HOW MANY PEOPLE LIKE HIM ENOUGH TO MAKE THEIR OWN DESIGN OF HIM!

I seriously smile when I see a Bill design I haven’t seen yet. I really do enjoy seeing so many. That’s why I reblog so much Bill. Cause he’s a fun character who has an attitude and a plan. And he is just amazing. And the people who make so many designs for him are just as amazing.

I love every single one of them. All of them. Even the ones with extra eyes or mouths or extra long limbs or really short and stubby.

To those who are nervous about posting your Bill design or you think it’s not good, you don’t have to be. Cause I know I’ll love it anyway. <3

(Plus: I want to see all these Bills FIGHT. That would be AWESOME. .D.)