Towering edifices that incorporate agriculture — farmscrapers, if you will — make for solid gold in the eye-popping conceptual design imagery department. Wild and wonderful in concept, these plant-studded structures present a somewhat sobering glimpse into a land-starved future where there’s nowhere for commercial food production to go but up.  When it comes to multitasking, an aggressively idiosyncratic conceptual skyscraper from Mexico City-based Studio Cachoua Torres Camilletti (CTC) blows other visionary vertical farming proposals out of the water and then some. The World Architecture Festival-shortlisted proposal, simply titled “Hong Kong Skyscraper,” incorporates housing, commerce, cultural programming, public transit, rainwater harvesting, renewable energy production, and fish farming into a giant, plant-clad package that looms precariously above the Hong Kong skyline. Front and center, however, is Hong Kong Skyscraper’s futuristic presentation of the terraced paddy field, a staple of rice cultivation that’s been a familiar sight in mountainous areas of China and Southeast Asia for thousands of years.

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Project Runway - Blood Orange

The scene that made me cry tears of laughter, then re-watch about 70 times.

Look at this case I just ordered from caseapp.com! 

You guys always see me posting about them but that’s only because i love this company so much! 

They let me create any type of case i want they seriously let your imagination run wild! I spent a good 1 hour making my design because i was drawing Parker Cannon from The Story So Far and i had just so many ideas!

On top of that you can make cases for your laptop, ipad and so on. It’s amazing honestly. 

Again, check them out here: http://caseapp.com/


Some very rough doodles of planned sample designs alongside their intended materials. :)
Shown are a corset with dragonfly dupioni and embroidery of actual beetle’s wings. A corset with quilted gores and ‘reversible opalescent dragonscale’ fabric. And a peach/pink satin underbust with a lace appliqué border and real pearl embroidery.