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Yes, I do think that the first one works very well—though, what kind of book illustration is it supposed to be? Sometimes the in-depth character illustrations are better for books than the designish ones. Even so, amazing job!

My teacher is surprisingly giving me a lot of freedom with this project! It’s supposed to be a digital manipulation photo but he’s allowing me to draw it all, so long as I do it in the specific style he chose out of the few that I know, and I show that I know how to use Photoshop and so on.

He explained that it depends on what I want—do I want to focus on character or on story?

Hence the problem.

I love character design, I love it with my entire being. I design background characters we will never see and I love them all.

But I never thought about focusing on character design for my career, surprisingly? I want a wider range than that, as an illustrator, I’m supposed to show stories as a whole.

But I am apparently not as strong with that.