My custom ThreeA Dropcloth - Roland the wasteland wanderer

This is an old project, but I thought you guys might appreciate it. I took a blank white ThreeA Dropcloth bot and made this out of it, then took him out for a photoshoot.

I had a human companion planned for him, but the human dude is still blank. I want to return to that project. I miss physical art.


Junko Mizuno’s Stunning Kuro Megami For Kidrobot Black

Kidrobot Black, the vinyl company’s high-end designer collection, has releases few and far between. There hasn’t been one I’ve been interested in since Lilitu, but they’ve finally caught my eye again with this collaboration with Junko Mizuno! Her ‘Kuro Megami’ figure is absolutely gorgeous, with way more detail than you usually see on a vinyl piece and some very intricate sculpting.

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personal design project reimagining the ‘yeezus’ album art. playing with some of the record’s key themes: distortion, minimalism, aggression. part of the idea here was to combine kind of the stark look of peter saville’s factory records work with a hip-hop edge. anyway: hope you enjoy! also on behance


Every once in a while a two-headed animal makes the news, but we’ve never seen a two-headed snail. This awesome mutant mollusk, called the Conjoined Snail, is a custom Munny created by Motorbot, an artist and toy-designer based in Allen, Texas.

"This little guy began his life as a mini munny. Now he’s a cute little abomination that can’t wait to slither around your toy shelf. He’s about 9 inches long and about 6 inches tall at the eyes."

Click here to check out more of Motorbot’s custom toy creations.

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