AMI MELAMINE / Agrolinz Melamin GmbH.
Advertising Agency: Stockenhuber Design
Project: Presentation Material, Print Ad’s
Presentation 5 Print ad’s, 3D visuals 
2 x “TRI|ANG|LES, flexible structures for living”
2 x “POLYGONS, flexible structures for living”
Concept/Idea: D. Stockenhuber
Art Director, CD, 3D Artist: D. Stockenhuber
Year: 2012 


Project: Office Interior Design, Presentation Material, Posters
• workstation
• workbench
• sideboard low (5 drawers)
• sideboard high  (11 drawers)
MATERIAL: cottonwood, chrome tubes
Design Studio: Stockenhuber Design
Art Director, Ind. Designer, 3D Artist: D. Stockenhuber


kidney-table-design transformed into a more suitable and contemporary fitting design for the 21st century.

Material: Cottonwood
Project: Product Design, 3D Model, Rendering
Status: Presentation, Construction, Layout
Design Studio: Stockenhuber Design
Ind. Designer, 3D Artist: D. Stockenhuber


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force of peculiarity

sarah richards, manhattan native, rhode island school of design graduate, and founder + designer of richards is an explorer of all things peculiar. from sarah’s use of fine fabrics, to her hyper-real graphic print imagery, richards eponymous collection creates an earthly + surreal extraterrestrial mood.

no stranger to design, sarah richards, has worked with a range of top fashion brands like proenza schouler, peter som, diane von furstenberg, and opening ceremony.


V: so sarah, how was richards brought to life?


sarah richards [sr]: i started working on the line a year after graduating from rhode island school of design [risd] in 2011. i wanted to continue working on the ideas that fueled my thesis, by translating the prints i was working with onto accessible silhouettes, as well as creating new print compositions. i started first with a silk button down and the collection has grown from there.


V: what is the design aesthetic at richards?


sr:  the look is always a bold one, and can tend to be on the surreal side. i am attracted to strong colors and symbols. there is often a pairing of the manmade and the organic in the images i am drawn to.


V: how does the design team at richards work?


sr: in terms of design, patternmaking and sample sewing, richards is a team of one. however, i am lucky to have a great number of people, mostly other risd grads, who have been generous collaborators and integral to the success of the brand’s endeavors.


V: how important is the work space to your creativity?


sr: i design the prints on my computer, so having streamlined technology is the best way to achieve a clear focus in that realm. patternmaking and sewing clothing is a completely different task, but one which i enjoy just as much. i work in a very tight space, so the design of my studio is purely functional. i have never been one to surround myself with many objects or images for inspiration in my space. my mood changes so fast; i would rather keep my thoughts cataloged on my desktop. 


V: what is your favorite design tool to work with?


sr: i definitely have a soft spot for photoshop, but i have recently fallen in love with blender, which i use to create 3d shapes.

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