designeddeeplylovely replied to your post: I have never seen the Star Wars movies.

This is so not happening right now. Gasp, none? OMG OMG OMG! I’m left for words, OMG how can you live without seeing at least 1? I thought the force was strong with you.

Haha nope, I’ve never seen any of them, or really even parts of them.  I haven’t seen the Lord of the Rings movies either, although I want to eventually watch those.

I accidentally hit send as private before I had finished responding to these and lost the original ask.

Canada: The last time I felt unnoticed 

Uh.  Pretty much all the time.

Hungary: An embaressing story from when I was young

My childhood nick name was ‘doodlebutt’ because I would play the fart game with my family all the time and I’d always give myself away by bursting into a fit of giggles every time I farted.

Romano: Someone who has always been there for me 

I guess technically my parents and brothers have always been there for me but they’re kind of obligated to be there for me.  I’ve never had a friend who was always by my side no matter what though.

Finland: A time where I misjudged someone

Its hard to be specific on this one.  I misjudge people all the time.  Our preconceived notions of how people should be or act based on how they appear lead us to constantly misjudge people and project who we think they will be upon them before we’ve even given them a chance.


designeddeeplylovely replied to your post: Hey Becca :) I was just wondering which tattoo shop you got your latest tatt at? I’m wondering because I want another one, and yours looks absolutely beautiful!! I really love it (:

Yeah the quote or butterfly because I really want a quote or just one word on my wrist or ankle and I’m not sure, who or where can I get it at. So I really love all of yours, especially the butterfly

Thanks!!  Well I got both of my quotes at Bluestar in Concord by Darrin.  And Ill send you the think on Facebook to the girl who did my butterfly.