Who’s in love with our Limited Edition Party Collection? Find out its design inspiration, our staff picks and how to wear the pieces to any Christmas Occasion!

Styling and Photography by THE WHITEPEPPER

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First upcycling project, and I gotta say, I was surprised how difficult it was to find scrap pieces of plywood in a somewhat decent condition. Found this and a few other reusable pieces in a school dumpster just before they were covered (and eventually warped) by rain and snow. I’m totally going to be making a few other pieces and if you’re cheap and broke like me, they’re good gift ideas too.

Here’s the tutorial if you’re looking at attempting to make your own string inspired work of art.

[Tumblr Artblog]


Plate with Dachshund. Made by me:

Photographed by Karolina Mazur. Please check and like her page:



(by Valle)

Humans can make more than 20 distinct facial expressions but the most important thing is to see the expression from inside. I depicted here just 5 expressions. I put some elusive titles to let the viewer to imagine the state of each character.

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