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Moka-shinbun, new issue!

I’m waiting for your comments ♡


I’ll also wait for the likes and comments on my blog! ♡


Comment by Hirata Rina - 8/29 21:21
"FIIT"… Did you mean "FIGHT"?

Comment by Hayashi Momoka - 8/29 21:22
Ah, it’s Hirari-san!!
I meant to write that word, though f^_^;) *lol

Comment by Hirata Rina - 8/29 21:26
People will get better through mistakes, that’s what my teacher said ♡
So that’s why every mistake is a valuable opportunity (゚∀゚)

Comment by Hayashi Momoka - 8/29 21:31
Well, since this is Moka-English (((o(゚▽゚)o)))♡
It’ll definitely be wrong in real English (^^)♡

Comment by Hayashi Momoka - 8/29 22:28
Hirari-san ( ; ; )
Thank you very much (;_;)

terrible infamous Makara boys with a dad from Jordan and a mom whose family came up from the south during the civil war and they speak sign language and Arabic and English over great big huge homemade meals and their dad paints and Kurloz plays cello and Gamzee fills huge sketchbooks full of drawings and none of them have done any jail time since Gamzee was born and his mom died, because he’s the baby of the family and they want him never to have to deal with that shit.  

don’t get me wrong I love domestic Makara strife a lot but super-tight-knit weird-and-infamous-but-happy Makaras. 

also white-ink tattoos on dark skin—on a scale from 1 to 10, YES.