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Could I have a Psiioniic meeting Sollux? Perhaps in some AU where our Alternian heroes liberate him from the Condesce's ship and he's just shocked and confused to see that he has a descendant (and possibly that the rest of his friends do too)?

This kind of AU is 200% my jam, omg. Thank you so much for asking me to draw this. (I was going to fit a Karkat in there somewhere but I still have a fair amount of drawing to get through, so alas. Another time perhaps.)

one scene in #Descender has our cast on a planet bathed in an orange glow from the sweltering atmosphere, so here’s some pages I bathed in hot lava (hwc vermilion hue+ sennelier yellow deep). set to air dry for a few hours before moving to next step. #dontmessupsucka #noundobutton

I really get the feeling that if it had been Hawke and company going to the Temple of Mythal, and Merrill asked Abelas to share what he knew with the Dalish, saying that the People need him, and Abelas roaring at her with ‘you are NOT my people!’ that, despite all he says about Merrill making bad choices with blood magic, Fenris would absolutely have started yelling back at Abelas, with talk of how ‘your people are gone,’ and ‘their descendants are here and you would turn them away’ or even ‘and you would see all that remains of your people die out just to deny those who have had those ties taken away any hint of their heritage?’

I mean, Fenris’s major issue with Merrill is her use of blood magic, which makes sense, since that defines Tevinter magisters, regardless of what Dorian downplays. He has no inherent disagreement with the Dalish. It may not be his culture, but he doesn’t have any particular issues with it. And seeing Abelas deny that the Dalish are elves because, essentially, ‘they’re not doing it RIGHT’ seems like something that would piss him off.

Especially considering that there’s a parallel with the Dalish and Fenris himself - the Dalish have had their history and heritage torn away, much like Fenris’s memories. Even if he accepts that he’ll never be that man again, coming close to having them and having that ripped away affects him. Seeing an elf who could offer this look into elven history and culture outright REFUSE to offer the slightest morsel for the Dalish seems like something that would piss him off.

Darren as Hedwig: A Second Time Around

So tonight I saw Hedwig for the 5th time, my second time with Darren. I was blown away. As a warning, my review contains spoilers, but I don’t think I can do a read more on my phone:

Starting from the moment he descended from the rafters, I knew I was seeing a completely different show. This Hedwig was the Hedwig I fell in love with all those years ago on the DVD.

Darren becomes Hedwig in a way that is awe inspiring. I’ve seen Neil, Andrew, and John, and when I say that tonight’s show moved me more than any other rendition of the show I’ve seen, it would be an understatement.

There were problems with the audience: cell phones going off and people recording. Darren didn’t break character even once. Hedwig swooped down, got those audience members in her talons, and put them into their places (and perhaps shattered an iPhone when she threw it back). The audience on a whole was great, however. Participation was amazing (and a few catcalls about Darren’s legs), people were respectful, and everyone laughed and stayed silent at the appropriate moments. The best part? THE THEATRE WAS PACKED. Now, I couldn’t see the balcony, but orchestra was definitely full and the mezzanine was mostly full.

Darren’s voice sounded amazing - he was much, much better in Origin of Love - the first song of the evening to move me to tears. He was clearer, crisper, and his musicality once again shone through. His Wicked Little Town was the other to move me - the way he holds himself in that song….it is something you have to see to really understand. Though we did note that he drank a lot more tonight as well - so hopefully he’s taking care of those vocal cords.

The jokes tonight were hilarious - tons of jokes about Broadway, jokes with audience members, and the tried and true ones went off without a hitch. His timing has gotten SO MUCH better.

Darren’s acting broke my heart tonight. It’s amazing to see his character work, his physicality, and his acting chops when he’s given a good, well written character. Darren surprised me with the way he is able to move his body and his face. This is not the Darren we saw on television.

On a completely unimportant note: this is definitely a workout for him. His legs, his abs, his arms…it’s all good. I also sat right behind the car wash tonight and it was amazing to see just how strong he is up close.

On to my favorite part: the relationship between Yitzhak and Hedwig. There’s a line in Origin of Love that says “…and I could swear by your expression that the pain down in your soul was the same as the one down in mine.” I’ve never seen the line played this well: Despite it all, Hedwig loves Yitzhak and Yitzhak loves Hedwig.

Honestly, this role is Darren’s, fully and completely. If you haven’t seen it yet, you are lucky that you will see him when he has improved and grown into the role. If you have seen him and think you got a great show - got back, there’s more.

the last naruto movie (2015)
CLICK here TO SEE the last naruto movie (2015)

One of the complains in “the Last” is about Naruto’s obliviousness or how he did not understand love. Some say it contradicts the manga, since Naruto was able to understand Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke.  Two years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, Naruto must stop Toneri ?tsutsuki, a descendant of Hamura tsutsuki, after Toneri causes the moon to descend towards the Earth

Release Date : 2014-12-06
Casts : Junko Takeuchi, Chie Nakamura, Jun Fukuyama, Nana Mizuki
Duration : 114 minutes runtime
Rating : 7.8

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There are stranger and more stunning things than gold in the deep places of the world.

For more than five decades, scientists have descended deep beneath the Black Hills of South Dakota to hunt for subatomic treasures. The pioneers of neutrino-hunting, led by our own Nobel Prize-winning Ray Davis, used the cavernous Homestake mine to filter out unwanted particles and track ghostly interactions with massive detectors. That bold work of the 1960s continues today in state-of-the-art underground laboratories.

Symmetry magazine just dove into the rich history and exciting future of particle physics in the Homestake mine. Check it out!


Wait, did you just hear me correctly, JORDANA GARDNER



YES! Well, okay let’s start with the basics here since you probably have no idea who this is

here’s comic vine, here’s wiki

  • She’s related to Guy Gardner AND Hal Jordan

You know, these guys?

And she’s very charismatic about it

  • lives in the same time period as a descendant of Kyle Rayner, Cary Wren
  • she’s also a cutie
  • Green Lanterns are great, okay

i cry

For those of you that still aren’t getting it, and are bombarding my inbox with ridiculousness, no matter how much I’ve already explained myself; I am going to state one more thing, and then I am done addressing this, because my page is not changing.

The reason I do not incorporate other Indigenous cultures outside of the U.S. & Canada on my page is because I am not an active part of them. The cultures I am part of and heritage I descend from are all people that originated from territories in the U.S. and Canada before the U.S. & Canada ever existed. I know many Native people from various tribes and clans throughout the U.S. and Canada. I know the issues the Indigenous people in these two countries face because I am connected to the Indigenous communities in those two countries. While I was born and raised in the United States, I also have family ties with some First Nations people that live in Canada. That’s why the Native & First Nation people are the people I incorporate in this page. Because those are the people I KNOW. Those are the people and communities and cultures I grew up around. The issues the Native people face in those two countries are the issues I hear about and see people I am connected to constantly battling and facing.

And as I stated in my previous long winded explanation, I already see a lot of Mexican-Indian pride displayed everywhere, online and off. Much more than I ever see Native Pride being displayed, (which is sad considering we live in the countries where many of us originated). That’s one of the other reasons I don’t include people indigenous to Mexico on my page. Because I don’t have any personal connections to Mexico. I don’t travel to Mexico every year the way I travel to Canada. I don’t hear about the issues Indigenous people face in Mexico. It doesn’t mean I think any less of them. It just means that, I personally, as an Indigenous person that only has ties to the Indigenous communities in the U.S & Canada, I do not feel comfortable speaking on behalf of the Indigenous people and communities of Mexico. I personally, don’t think that I am educated enough to speak on their issues because I didn’t grow up & don’t live around their Indigenous cultures & communities. I have never lived in Mexico, I have never lived in South America, I have never lived in Australia or New Zealand, & I have never lived in Africa. So I am not trying to marginalize those people & cultures by not including them on my page. I merely do not feel that it is my place to voice an opinion for people I do not personally know or communities I don’t have much contact with.
And as I always state, I can’t even speak for ALL Native & First Nations people. I can only speak for myself. But I’m definitely not going to take on questions about Indigenous people in other countries when I don’t feel I have enough knowledge of those countries & their laws & their people to do so. I hope this helps everyone understand. But if not, and you’re still not happy with the way I run MY page, then don’t bitch at me about in my inbox. Just move on. Don’t follow me. Any more messages bitching at me about it are getting deleted without acknowledgement. Remember, you have the freedom of choice; you do not have to follow me. No one is forcing any of you to follow this page. Accept my page the way it is and find beauty in the Indigenous people & cultures my page does feature, or leave. That’s all there is to it, because as I’ve stated time and time again, I’m not changing it. There are plenty of other Indigenous-centric pages run by other people on Tumblr. Follow the pages that make you happy.

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Okay but listen Rachel listen. Dwalin was born like twenty years after Frerin. He was probably about twenty when Frerin died in fact so I mean. To Thorin he was probably like. A literally substitute little bro. And if you wanna go unrequited Dworin, then Dwalin's feelings were never so familial.

tbh i think unrequited Dworin is the way to go. it affords me the most pain while also seeming the most likely scenario. and allows me to cling stubbornly to my virgin!Thorin headcanon. 

Omegaverse (3) Masterlist

part one, part two

At Last - dannihowell

Summary: The sheets bare no blood. Clearly Dan is not a virgin on his wedding night. Two families must now deal with the aftermath.

Always Till The End (wattpad)

Summary: The ups and downs Dan and Phil face, from the very beginning.

A Streetlight Manifesto (wattpad)

Summary: Alpha!Phil, is drafted into the Helium War, leaving behind best friend and newfound mate Omega!Dan. Neither take the separation well, Dan descending into crippling anxiety, Phil into the madness and horror of war.

Cariño - dannihowell

Summary: Dan gets a job as an au pair and tutor. His new employer is peculiar.

Everything You Never Wanted - embarrassing_myself

Summary: Phil is an omega, he’s spent nearly his entire life going to Eastbrook, an omega only school. When his parents make the decision to transfer him into an alpha,beta,omega school his whole life is turned upside down. Especially when he meets Dan Howell, an alpha who can’t seem to stand him. No matter how hard the two try to avoid each other the universe seems to keep pulling them together.

Family - dannihowell

Summary: A night at Dan and Phil’s house. Their large family struggles at bedtime.

Give You What You Want - runnerboys

Summary: phan a/b/o au, smut.

How Much For That Omega In The Window - weebohowell

Summary: Dan is an omega; he was born into suffrage, with an omega mother and beta sister too young for work. Dan’s family often found themselves with pennies and dollars to get by on. That, of course, is until Dan makes the decision to sell himself to an Alpha sex ring. Things won’t be too bad with his new owner Phil, right?

Portrait Of An Omega - dannihowell

Summary: When Dan becomes violent against his abusive alpha, the situation goes from bad to worse. Can Phil offer him a freedom… and love?

Unexpected Changes - trysomecats

Summary: Dan wasn’t looking to bond with an alpha anytime soon. He wanted to go to university and make something of himself, not submit and be tied down with limitations. Unexpected changes can cause an omega’s point of view to become different though…Phan omegaverse!


Billionaire Superyacht Showdown: Who’s Who at the Cannes Film Festival

It’s the ultimate battle of the billionaires as the world’s wealthiest individuals descended upon the French Riviera for the Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix. Superyachts were docked or anchored all along the coast between the bay of Cannes, the Cap d’Antibes with the infamous Hotel Du Cap and of course Monaco.

Crackpot ACOTAR theory: Feyre is a descendant of an old, powerful faerie bloodline. OR, Feyre is the reincarnation of an ancient faerie. Sounds ridiculous, right? Just bear with me.

  • For starters, there was the scene where Amarantha, a faerie who’d been around for a very long time, first learned of Feyre’s name.  “Feyre. An old name―from our earlier dialects.”  Maas wouldn’t just throw that in unintentionally.
  • Before even meeting Amarantha, or any other High-Fae, Feyre dreamt of someone murdering her while asking for her identity. “My dreams had been filled with […] a pale, faceless woman dragging her bloodred nails across my throat, splitting me open bit by bit. She kept asking for my name, but every time I tried to speak, my blood bubbled out of the shallow wounds on my neck, choking me.”
  • Nesta, Feyre’s sister by blood, was able to resist Tamlin’s glamour without using any relics (ie. iron, ashwood etc). “Apparently an iron will is all it takes to keep a glamour from digging in.” Or apparently their bloodline is immune to certain faerie powers because they too host those abilities.
  • And let’s suppose Feyre’s ancestor was a High-Fae but did something so awful that the other faeries stripped him/her of his/her faerie body (like what happened to Feyre’s mortal body, but in reverse) and sent them south of the boarder.
  • Once Feyre claims her High-Fae body, this scene happens shortly after… He bowed at the waist, those wings vanishing entirely, and had begun to fade into the nearest shadow when he went rigid. His eyes locked on mine, wide and wild, and his nostrils flared. Shock-pure shock flashed across his features at whatever he saw on my face, and he actually stumbled back a step. Actually stumbled. “What is―” I began. He disappeared―simply disappeared, not a shadow in sight- into the crisp air. He saw that ancient power being reclaimed.