"Desacralization is the destruction and minimalizing of anything that is representative of the superconscious or spiritual. (Hod/Mercury)"

“Pathology of the Sublime” from Problems on the Path of Return by Mark Stavish, M.A. in Vol 3 No 1 of Caduceus.

Desacralization is the destruction and minimalizing of anything that is representative of the superconscious or spiritual. (Hod/Mercury)” [via]

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Raoul Vaneigem - Basic Banalities

Basic Banalities by Raoul Vaneigem

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1Bureaucratic capitalism has found its legitimation in Marx. I am not referring here to orthodox Marxism’s dubious merit of having reinforced the…

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Capitalism manipulates human desire so that it is amenable to the demands of production for the market. … If Christians are to resist capitalism, if Christianity is to heal desire, the modern differentiation of life, with its separation of politics and religion, must be refused. Christians must recognise that the descacralization of politics that accompanied the birth of the modern nation state was not part of the irresistible march of freedom but, rather, is a crucial moment in the containment of the Chuch, the stripping of Christianity of its social and political presence, the deprivation of the faith of resources for the struggle.
—  Daniel M. Bell Jr., Liberation Theology After the End of History, p. 71. 
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