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Hey, Ticcyx, how exactly do you create your frameworks for your characters' heads? Do you use a specific technique to put everything where it's supposed to be? Or is it one of your magical artist powers? Just wondering! - A Starting Artist

I don’t think I’ve a particular technique in doing sketchy heads… but sure it’s not magic ahaha X°D
Since I’m not good in words, you can see it with crappy gifs:

(why it’s pink oh well)

in the rough version I work with a soft and fat tool, not caring about details, but only on general appearance and mood. the crow is basical in this, because it gives me the idea of head direction and eyes line.

then new level and ink/clean version! There I choose better the expression, and all the tiny details like hair. A lot of people will yell at me because I don’t do a middle level between the rough sketch and the clean up, that “you can’t draw a good thing without a good sketch base etc etc”. I say: it’s true, I’m not a good example to follow, but I like more this way. More sketch levels you do, more precise and correct will be the ink, but you’ll lose a lot in acting and natural drawing. That’s just my opinion.

Also don’t be afraid to redo/clean/erase stuff. We improve from our mistakes, don’t let them beat you!

I lost seven souls in 2014, and two already in 2015, and from these experiences I have learned things I can still not put into words, and although I hope to, I think the greatest lesson of all is to love. love unconditionally. love, care, and be thankful for the souls in your everyday life. be kind. be kind to the strangers on the sidewalk, but be kind to those who love and care for you no matter what. forgive. you never know if that argument will be your last. we will all leave this world, in one form or another, and we will leave behind souls who will agonize night and day over that loss. remember the good memories, the seemingly small, but beautiful moments(this photo is one of them derp) 💕 PS I love you.