Hello, internet. My name is Ericah, my preffered pronouns are She/her (for now), and I have a story to tell.

I remember once when I was really young, arguing with my sister about how I was, in fact, a boy. That feeling, that “boyness,” has made appearances all through my life, but it wasn’t something I was willing to acknowledge, until recently. I did some poking around and I realized how many others go through this same struggle with gender identity. I’ve done research about what it means to be genderfluid, what gender dysphoria is, the proper way to wear binders, all of it. I thought this was something about me that I’d be able to just figure out after a few days of derping around on the internet. I didn’t realize that a journey like this can take years. I honestly have no idea what I identify as. And that’s okay. Right now, I’m just taking it a day at a time, exploring the part of me that I’ve been ignoring for years. Ladies and Gentlemen(and included company), my masculine side is here to stay. I’m done hiding it.
Here I am. Call me Roy.

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went fabric shopping today! picked up some stuff to repair fili’s pants as well as possible shirt fabrics for caine (I’m really liking the wool, the dull shine is working for me :3) Also checked the resale shop for biker pants and rollerblades, but no luck in my size.

played around with makeup/prosthetics I had on hand when I got home. the ears I have painted up for bilbo aren’t quite the upright shape necessary for caine, will have to shop around for alternatives. the fangs, while fun, are difficult to pose with… 

I’m going to have to look for more reference pics for the tattoo and splicer brand, as well. The tattoo should be easy enough to apply (they make printer sheets for that), but not sure yet about the brand. Probably latex; hopefully I can make it reuseable.


official-zuko wanted their picture with short hair. So I figured Teashop Zuko made the most sense. Fortunately, Xe didn’t have any derp-faces lying around, which frankly came as a bit of a dissapointment. Derp faces are always useful when you’re tired and bad at art.


Pretty much 99% of ski tracks closed in Zermatt today due to strong winds, time to derp around in the snow instead

Happy Birthday to Mr. Ohoooororohohohorarat ♥ my precious 弟弟 has grown up so well (maybe too well… .. . …), and even though I haven’t known you as long as others it’s easy to tell how much you’ve grown, not only in terms of height, but also in maturity. Please continue loving your brothers the way you do! Really proud of you.