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Are you safe beyond these walls? I can’t fly after you with these clipped wings of mine. I can do nothing but stay, trapped behind these walls in hope of one day finding you again. Ah, how I wish I could fly. How I long for the day we can meet again. Will you wait for me?

I don’t know why I’m being protected. I’m not even sure of my memories myself. I wish I could be of more help, but I can’t even tell them anything. My memory is there, fluttering at the edge of my mind, but I just can’t recall it. I’m such a failure when it matters the most. But I must see you again.

I still don’t remember much of my former life. Only dark images, hurtful words, conspiracies I’d rather not known. I can’t remember what’s important. I’m still trying, but I just can’t. I wish you were here right now. But at least, I still remember one thing.

My name is Historia.

If I can recall everything one day, perhaps there will be a chance to meet you again. Yes, I must go beyond these walls. I want to fly. I want to fly with you.

So until that happens…

Will you wait for me?


The night was a quiet one, thankfully, as a young woman paced down the walkway. She wasn’t sure where she was going. She was supposed to have met up with someone not far from where she currently was, but they never showed up. Guess that’s what she deserved for trusting random Asian women in clothes that were all together too tight for one’s imagination. She sighed, annoyed, as she rounded a corner and smacked into someone. 

"Oh my god, I’m sorry!" She squawked, though she’d been sent sprawling onto her butt. It was a good thing she’d worn the longer skirt. This way, she could protect what innocence she had left.


It was a pathetic sight that Xander dragged in. Hoisted over his shoulders, kicking and screaming wildly, was the air force captain Nathan Kalili.

From the get-go he had been associated with a number of health problems, and from the get-go he refused to turn himself in for routine checkups. He hated the medical ward with a passion, and made no attempt to hide it. He spat and cursed at the nurses. He refused to comply with medical procedures. He ran away any time a doctor approached him, knowing full well what the topic would be.

It had been a slow process, and over the years everyone had watched that pilot deteriorate both physically and mentally, and somewhere deep down everyone knew it was only a matter of time before the tipping point was reached and Nathan could avoid it no longer.

This was the tipping point.

Now what stood in the med ward entrance was this shell of a human being. His front was drenched in blood and his left hand was covered protectively from any disturbances. His body trembled violently as though the earth moved beneath his feet. His eyes were wide with fear and absolute, abject, undeniable misery.

It was almost unnerving to see that calm, cold façade so completely destroyed.

In the background stood a feathered figure – taller and gaunter than Nathan himself. His sigilyph. It watched the scene with a disturbed fascination, and from afar anyone could feel the creature silently tampering with the minds of others.

Perhaps it was the sound of screaming growing louder and louder by the second, but Marcus was suddenly in a terrible mood.

He pulled himself away from his paperwork, the brace on his shoulder creaking as he turned around in his chair. It seemed his arm was always sore now, even after his treatments. Perhaps it was because of what happened at Saffron, maybe the long term effects of the Ecruteak incident were finally noticeable…either way, he was more grumpy than usual.

And as he turned to face the door, his mood only grew worse.

First, there was Xander - not too bad, but a recurring patient nonetheless. Poor kid had lost an eye…but, he’d passed the required tests, and he’d at least be able to keep flying. He wasn’t too bad, Marcus just didn’t want to see him get hurt anymore. Marcus also didn’t want to be left alone with the others.

Next, there was the eight-foot-tall bird standing behind them. There was something…odd…about the bird. Maybe because it looked so human, and yet, so alien…hopefully it wouldn’t cause any trouble.

And, finally, there was the source of the noise.

Captain Nathan Kalili. Marcus and the rest of the Med Corps. had only ever seen trouble from this kid. A brat, a whiner, and obviously in need of help, he’d been a burden on everyone since Day One. Always refusing treatments, physicals, extended leave, proper food…and the worst part was, even though Marcus had gotten promoted, this fucking kid still outranked him.

Marcus sighed, standing as slowly - and reluctantly - as possible. He snapped to attention, raising his right hand to the side of his head and summoning the will to speak.

“Captain Kalili. It’s…a surprise to see you here.”

"Well don’t expect me to stay here for long!" Amelia spat, her face contorting into a feral snarl. If she had hackles, they would be raised. If she had claws, they would be bared. All outward impressions gave her the look of some injured animal backed into a corner, and judging by the way she held her left hand, that description seemed more than accurate.

She shifted quickly on her heels and made for the door, only to be stopped by Xander, who gave her a stern look. At his urging, Amelia turned around and stood reluctantly before Marcus, eying him with intense fury.

ask-offenderman asked:

*He stood at about 23"7 and wore a long black trench coat with a black fedora to match. He had pure white skin and long snake-like teeth, claws on his hands that were at least a foot long. He looked at you curiously and tilts his head, he didnt have eyes, nose, or ears.* Hello?

Loki had been in the park when he was approached by- something… He looked up, instantly tensing up. “Erm- Hello-” He replied, not sure if he should take this- man?- as a threat or not.

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==> Attack!

Holy shit there was a snake in your room!

You let out an angry squawk and quickly hop onto the creatures head, clawing at its scaly face and flapping your wings furiously. You peck it on its snout then quickly, and clumsily flopping onto your bed, puffing up win defense to try and make yourself appear larger than you actually were.

How in the hell did this thing get into your room!

After a moment of trying to scare the thing off in vain, you quickly turn and hop up onto your head board, trying to balance yourself on the large wooden sphere on the post. You make another loud caw and then quickly fly up onto your wardrobe, again, you needed to get used to these wings, but at the moment you were focusing on getting away from the snake.

You were now squished between the ceiling and the tall wardrobe, backing up near the corner and settling in for now, hoping that this serpent couldn’t get you here. It was a small space after all, and IT was a large snake…

Yuan has a moment. (Open RP)

Yuan was sitting down reading a news paper in the park. He heard something from the bushes and looked over to it, at first it didn’t bother him at first until it got louder. He finally peeked in and was surprised to see a duckling. A swan duckling to be exact!

Yuan backed off a little but the duckling followed him. “Oh goodness no!” he tried to hide and run away but the duckling followed, It was moments like this Yuan forgot how weird he looked as a large guy in a dark coat was trying to hide from a duckling.

In The Dark

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Maeve twitched, and slowly opened her eyes. She was in the dark basement, lying on the floor. It took only a moment before her eyes adjusted and she saw the boxes, frames, and other things. With a groan, she sat up, her head pounding in pain. Reaching back and gently touched her head, a hiss escaped when she found a large sensitive bump, half the size of a poke-ball.

Gently brushing the bump again, a jolt of pain brought back the memories of the day before. Her body went rigid as she felt her core temperature rise in anger and embarrassment. Someone had turned, no, reduced her to no better than a young immature child with a  schoolgirl crush.

Drifting up off the floor, her vision flashed red. She grabbed her face, trying to keep her eyes closed, fighting back; but her anger levels were already too high. With a scream, she released an extreme nightmare attack; entrapping the Inn in a huge dark purplish ball that during the day would have done nothing but turn the place dark for a while and make the resident’s ponder.

But it was not mid-day. It was still early morning, and only a few of the resident were awake. The residents who were still asleep peacefully in their bed were suddenly attacked with nightmares of running or past memories as the orb expanded outward containing screams of sleeping tormented, then slowly disintegrated. 

Derp and Luas, who were awake and talking in the kitchen, heard the scream and jumped, feeling chill run down their spine. It wasn’t long till a black wall went straight through them, screams filling their heads. Luas arched and snapped into a coil, grinding his teeth as Derp covered his ears, falling to the kitchen floor.

The screamed duly subsided, and Derp slowly let her ears go. Drifting up, he grabbed the counter and leaned over it with a groan, his head spinning. He had no idea what happened, but knew that it probably was not good.

Below the kitchen the drained Darkrai was still hearing the faint screams. She wobbled and collapsed the the ground, lightheaded and in extreme regret. Pulling herself over to a pile of old sacks and blankets, she crawled under one of the top covers, curling up into a ball. Burying her face into herself, she shakily whispered out to those trapped in the nightmare world,
“I-I’m s-s-s-sorry…”

Latticed (closed)

"Good GROP am I stupid…” 

Sylvia laid in the cell’s cot, staring up at the ceiling. Of course if she wished to she could easily break the bars and escape, but…she’d come here of her own free will. Also she was an idiot.

It’s just for a little bit…I just need to talk to him… She sighed deeply. It was the natural conclusion of her growing need to reconcile her own disturbing feelings after the incident in the jungle. She’d been searching for a chance to talk, and then the opportunity came-a threat made on the planet that was taking care of poor sick Wander. She’d offered herself in place of her ill friend, as collateral for when he recovered so the kind people wouldn’t be attacked. Hater didn’t need a sick Wander, after all.

Now she just had to wait, to at least get the chance to SAY SOMETHING.