Whenever I picture Clone Club, I always see us like kids running around on the playground.

  • The Rachel stans have a monopoly on the jungle gym and are simultaneously running amok kicking sand in the eyes of anyone who crosses them.
  • Cophines are braiding each other’s hair and complimenting each other on how pretty they look and absolutely nothing is wrong.
  • The Team Hendrixes and SoccerCops are playing kickball, but both teams play a little dirty.
  • Sarah stans plot to get the jungle gym back, but in the meantime they cause almost all of the trouble in the process.
  • Cosima stans are the ones who are reading on the playground until one of the SoccerCop/Hendrixes balls goes astray and almost hits one of them in the head.
  • Helena stans lurk under the surface of the ball pit, pelting people at random intervals and then diving under so no one sees them.
  • Tony stans are the rebels in the corner planning something. No one is sure of what that is, but it feels important
  • Beth stans swim around in the ballpit and are happy because everything is fine and you’re a delusional idiot.
  • And Alison stans are the moms on the sideline ready to blow the whistle when someone gets cocky and rude, even when it’s honest.