Argan Oil

Except for episode four of season one in our video series, we don’t usually talk much about grooming here at Put This On, but I wanted to make a quick plug for argan oil. Argan oil is a light, clear oil derived from the seeds of fruits grown on argan trees. As the marketing literature goes, Moroccan women have traditionally hand pressed these seeds to draw out vitamin-rich oils, which they then use for cosmetic and cooking purposes. (I’m sure nowadays, the process is probably done industrially by machines, but that’s probably not going into any marketing pamphlets). In the last ten years or so, the product has also become incredibly popular in the US. 

Admittedly, the oil is typically used by women, but there’s no reason why men can’t use it as well. There’s nothing “gendered” about it. If you have thick, dry hair like I do, it’s amazing for conditioning. All you need is to shower as you normally do, then dry your hair off with a towel. With your hair still somewhat wet, put about a penny-sized amount of this stuff in your palm, rub your hands together, and then run your hands through your hair. You can do this while playing Gerardo’s 1990 hit single “Rico Suave,"although that’s technically not necessary.

This oil is better than any conditioner I’ve used, and comes highly recommended if your hair often feels coarse, thick, or overly dry. It’s easy to apply, doesn’t leave a greasy residue, and keeps your hair from frizzing up or splitting at the ends. You can usually find it at a local hair salon, on Amazon, or on eBay. Something from Pura D’or will be more “pure,” but also more expensive, while something from brands such as Agadir or DermOrganics will be cheaper, but will also be mixed with other ingredients. Whichever you choose, just make sure you get the leave-in treatment kind. Seriously, this stuff is amazing.

ugh. going to go take a shower. I’m going to try this new shampoo and conditioner, Dermorganics. it’s vegan and sulfate-free =] i hope I like it. then I’m going to bed (in other words, I’m going to read Choke until i fall asleep). thank you for reading this completely useless text post =]

sulfates are so bad for your hair

im spending the 40 dollars to get the dermorganic shampoo and conditioner i had bc that shit made my hair sooo soft

The East Coasters may make fun of us Los Angeles peeps for saying we’re cold in the winter 😂 but our skin and hair still need extra moisture! I love my @DermOrganic Intensive Hair Repair Masque and Leave in Treatment in any season but especially winter! You can purchase at, fine salons or at @ULTAbeauty #winter #hair #DermOrganicHoliday #hairtreatments / on Instagram, fine salons or at @ULTAbeauty #winter #hair #DermOrganicHoliday #hairtreatments / on Instagram

This @DermOrganic Hand & Body Lotion is happily welcomed into my family’s body care routine, especially since the combination of cold weather + heat tend to dry out skin. It’s 70% Organic, fragrance and dye-free, plus other amazing properties, which means it’s safe enough to use on my daughter without worrying about it irritating her skin. #DermOrganicHoliday

SUDZZ Colour Fix3 Leave-In Conditioner Review


A Leave-in conditioner?

Usually the only name heard is a leave-in treatment like the DermOrganic Leave-in treatment Review that I did before.

However, even though the name of this product made me a little puzzled it certainly did not leave me clueless once I used it!


Made with lemon oil, argon oil, jasmine scent and loads of more natural ingredients, this product would live up to the expectations of anyone! Even an eco-friendly person!

The Sudzz line of hair products is not a well-known product. However the way i got introduced was through my Dads supplying company. 

And I am so glad I did!

Sudzz Color Fix3 Leave-in Conditioner leaves my hair detangled, smooth, and full of volume!

Probably what I most like about this product is that you can just use a spray on damp hair and sleep with it through the night. In the morning it looks like you just spent 3 hours doing your hair! No knots, no wetness, full of shine, no cresses!

If you would like to get you own Sudzz Color Fix3 Leave-in Conditioner visit:

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DermOrganic Leave-in Treatment Review

The DermOrganic line just entered the hair product industry not too long ago.

The DermOragnic line has become really popular among the two Americas in which it only sells in.

One of the products which I got to try out was the DermOrganic Leave-in Treatment

This leave-in treatment is supposed to:

  • Add shine and softness
  • protect hair from styling of heat
  • speed drying time up to 30%
  • repairs split ends and deadness in hair
  • restore optimal moisture balance


After using this product for about 3 months, I am proud and mostly happy to say it did succeed in exactly what is was supposed to do.

Even better….I noticed results in my hair in only a week!

The way I would use this product is I would squeeze a pea-size of the formula into my hands and spread it all over my hair after washing it.

When I would wake up in the morning it would give my hair a nice shine to it, free of knots, dead-ends, and left a nice curl to my hair.

If you need a little hair-boost, with a product that actually works I would definitely recommend this!

…..did I mention it costs $25.00 CAN…oopps.

To get your own DermOrganic Leave-In Treatment visit:

(i do not own, or associated with this brand in any way)