How Tattooing Really Works

1. Tattooing causes a wound that alerts the body to begin the inflammatory process, calling immune system cells to the wound site to begin repairing the skin. Specialized cells called macrophages eat the invading material (ink) in an attempt to clean up the inflammatory mess. 

2. As these cells travel through the lymphatic system, some of them are carried back with a belly full of dye into the lymph nodes while others remain in the dermis. With no way to dispose of the pigment, the dyes inside them remain visible through the skin. 

3. Some of the ink particles are also suspended in the gel-like matrix of the dermis, while others are engulfed by dermal cells called fibroblasts. Initially, ink is deposited into the epidermis as well, but as the skin heals, the damaged epidermal cells are shed and replaced by new, dye-free cells with the topmost layer peeling off like a healing sunburn.

4. Dermal cells, however, remain in place until they die. When they do, they are taken up, ink and all, by younger cells nearby so the ink stays where it is.

5. So a single tattoo may not truly last forever, but tattoos have been around longer than any existing culture. And their continuing popularity means that the art of tattooing is here to stay.

From the TED-Ed Lesson What makes tattoos permanent? - Claudia Aguirre

Animation by TOGETHER

Tengo tu esencia adherida a mi piel, tu tacto grabado como un tatuaje, una huella dérmica que quiero para siempre en mí, porque lejos de asustarme lo imborrable de tu paso por mi cuerpo, amo que seas la eternidad que me completa, y que inevitablemente me genera carencia, el amor que me hace feliz, pero me crea una vital dependencia.
—  Amour et entropie

Skin graft being harvested and sewn into place.

Tattooing machines used today insert tiny needles, loaded with dye, into the skin at a frequency of 50 to 3,000 times per minute. The needles punch through the epidermis, allowing ink to seep deep into the dermis, which is composed of collagen fibers, nerves, glands, blood vessels and more.

From the TED-Ed Lesson What makes tattoos permanent? - Claudia Aguirre

Animation by TOGETHER

The Sun, Your Skin, And Your Tattoos

Pretty much any good tattoo artist will tell you to keep the sun off your ink. Most will explain that this is because the sun damages your skin; some will say that the sun breaks down pigment.

But what’s really happening here?

[NPR reports] and I try to break it down.


Let’s start with the basics: how does all that tattoo ink stay in? (Or, really, how does skin work?)

Skin cells have to stick together to keep your insides in and bend with your body as you move. Skin has to be permeable enough for you to sweat but impenetrable to noxious chemicals, bacteria and viruses. The skin’s top layer — the stratum corneum — is just 15 microns thick (about half that of wax paper) and is your first line of protection against the outside world.

Keeps the bad stuff out, the good stuff in. Skin is awesome. If you take a look at the diagram below, you can see how the ink get nestled right under the skin (aka the epidermis) and from the description above, why it stays there.

Now here’s the news. In a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, some biomechanics scientists began playing around with UV rays and some skin cells. Here’s what they found:

“UV radiation really is a double whammy,” says Dauskardt. “On one hand you’re making skin weaker and easier to break, and on the other hand you’re actually increasing the stresses in the skin so there’s more stress available to cause it to break.”

Picture a trampoline. If it stretches too far, it snaps. Now picture a really old trampoline that is not only cracking, but it again stretched too far. That’s your skin, and UV is both the weather that aged the trampoline, and the elephant that sat on it.

Now what happens if that trampoline “skin” is the only thing standing between your tattoo and the outside world? Those cracks get pretty scary pretty fast.

(I can’t believe I actually found a gif of this. Fucking Tumblr.)

At the microscopic level, UV radiation changes the structures of integral proteins, namely keratin, and fat molecules called lipids that serve as the glue that holds skin cells together. These lipids become less cohesive. So, even in deeper skin layers, the cells just don’t stick together as well.

This research suggests that it’s not actually the sun breaking down the tattoo ink: but rather, the UV rays of the sun breaking down the skin which stops being able to protect the tattoos. Science!

So how do we stop it?, asked everyone.

Can goops and lotions help? Maybe. Most moisturizing products would help prevent the skin from drying out, Dauskardt says, but “depending on what moisturizing product you use, it potentially could even be damaging because it could aid in the absorption of UV light rather than blocking it.”

Your best bet is sunscreen. Dauskardt’s group has found in preliminary tests that most sunscreens block the physical damage. “What we’re trying to figure out now is whether some sunscreens and some molecules or nanoparticles that are typically used in sunscreens are more effective than others,” he says.

Do you need me to repeat that for you? SUNSCREEN. PUT SUNSCREEN ON. And as always, the best sun block is to block the sun: whether that’s chillin’ in the shade or grabbing some protective clothing.


Because really. If there’s anyone who can make protective clothing look cool, it’s tattooed guys in collared shirts. It’s a win win.

enemy of the good

the insidiousness of it all
encoded seven layers
beneath the dermis

as random as a straight flush
on the first draw, tabled

in projections of your savior complex
when really, it’s quite simple:

first, you save me from

then leave me free to hunt
& find you
…at my feet
begging for reprieve

which absolution i withhold,
leaving you to rescue

as only i should have,
could have done
eons before…

anonymous asked:

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