Mystery diagnosis :p I know that no one has replied to, or maybe not even have seen, my posts about my health issues lately, but I'm going to explain what's going on anyways just in case someone cares.

I am in a lot of pain. All over my body. Muscles, bones, joints, etc. I can’t move around on my own and even typing this hurts. Moving around & staying loose helps, but it’s so hard to do that when I can’t get up, sit down, or even walk (because I lose my balance and I don’t trust my muscles to catch me) by myself. 

I have been to the ER 4 times now. Each time they’ve given me fluids because my heart rate is so high (over 120 most of the time) & pain meds. Morphine didn’t help the pain at all, just made me really loopy & laugh A LOT which just caused me to hurt more, haha. The last time at the ER they gave me different pain meds through the IV which helped a little bit, but I was still in a lot of pain.

I’m on pain medication around the clock. Hydrocodone & Motrin 800. It helped at first, but recently has started to, I don’t know, lose it’s affect? Which really sucks because without it I am totally incapacitated. 

They’re testing me for lots of different stuff. I know for sure it isn’t meningitis, leukemia, or anything immediately life threatening.

The possibilities are rhuematoid arthritis, dermatomyocitis, parvovirus, or a number of viral infections that I would just have to “wait out”. 

I need to see a rhuematologist, but they can’t see me until like a week from now & I CANNOT go through this pain for that much longer. We are trying to figure out what our other options are.

I may go to the University of Michigan Hospital because I know that they would keep going and not stop until they figure the problem out unlike everyone else who is just sending me home telling me to see other people. 

This is by far the worst pain I have ever experienced & the most frustrating thing I’ve experienced as well. Constantly being told that they don’t know what’s wrong is hard.. I’m hoping that my parents will listen to me & take me to U of M. Everyone I know is saying that I should go there. My dad offered to take me today & I think we might. This is getting to be too much.