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Deria was the granddaughter of Princess Meria Martell, the Yellow Toad of Dorne, (who famously keep Dorne from submission during Aegon’s conquest). Upon Meria’s death in 13 AC, Deria’s father, Prince Nymor took over the rule of Dorne, but he was already old and failing.The First Dornish War against the Targaryens had already been going on since 4 AC, and Nymor wanted peace. He send Deria at the head of a delegation to King’s Landing, with the skull of the death dragon Meraxes as a peace offer, a gift for the King, yet many took this act ill. However King Aegon I Targaryen instead choose to listen to Deria’s message. Deria assured Aegon that Dorne wanted peace. But not by swearing fealthy to the Iron Throne - a peace between two Kingdoms, two equals. King Aegon was being councilled against this, by many - the phrase “no peace without submission” would often be heard in Aegonfort - as they claimed Aegon would look weak, should he agree. In addition, they believed the lords of the Reach and Stormlands would feel offended by such a peace, after having lost so much in the war. It is said that King Aegon was ready to refuse the offer, when Princess Deria presented him with a letter from her father. Aegon read the letter, his hands clenching it so hard they started to bleed, and once he was done, he burned the letter, and immediately flew to Dragonstone upon Balerion. He returned the next morning, agreed to the peace, and signed a treaty. It is unknown what the contents of the letter was that Nymor had written, but maesters have speculated. Had Nymor revealed to Aegon that his beloved sister-wife, Queen Rhaenys, had not died at Hellholt,[2] but was still alive, mutilated and broken, and had the offer been that Rhaenys’ suffering would be ended if Aegon agreed to the peace? Or perhaps Nymor threaten to hire a Faceless Man to kill Aegon’s young son and heir, Prince Aenys.
By the time King Aenys I Targaryen ascended the throne, Princess Deria was ruling Dorne in her own right.

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One of the most striking portions of The World of Ice and Fire continues in the grand letter-writing tradition of the Pink Letter. At the very end of the inglorious final stages of Aegon’s Conquest — when his failed attempts to conquer Dorne had led to years of slaughter, the death of Queen Rhaenys, and a campaign of torture and assassinations on both sides with no end in sight — a mysterious missive from Nymor, Prince of Dorne, delivered by his daughter Princess Deria, caused Aegon to visibly freak out and cut himself on the Iron Throne, immediately fly to Dragonstone on Balerion, and return to King’s Landing the very next day to sign a peace treaty reaffirming Dorne’s independence. Though the “maester” who wrote this portion of the book can only speculate as to the so-called Dornish Letter’s contents, a careful reading of the text, combined with (possibly spoilery) information gleaned from knowledgeable sources, has led me to a pretty firm conclusion about the message Aegon read when he opened that letter:

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burlesquelightsaber asked:

Hey girl! I was hoping to make a few requests: what Asha would have worn to her wedding, what the Black Swan (lyseni courtesan, niece of Lord Swann) would wear, young Barbrey Dustin, and Deria Martell. Thanks boo!

Hi sure thing, I will enjoy finding a potential wedding dress for Asha. I have posted some stuff for johanna-swann before but i’ll post some more. By young Dustin I am assuming before she only wore morning, which I will look for. I haven’t posted anything for Deria Martell before, I had to look her up, but she is an interesting character and I will find some dornish gowns for her. :)