World of Ice and Fire EXCLUSIVE: the contents of the Dornish Letter revealed

One of the most striking portions of The World of Ice and Fire continues in the grand letter-writing tradition of the Pink Letter. At the very end of the inglorious final stages of Aegon’s Conquest — when his failed attempts to conquer Dorne had led to years of slaughter, the death of Queen Rhaenys, and a campaign of torture and assassinations on both sides with no end in sight — a mysterious missive from Nymor, Prince of Dorne, delivered by his daughter Princess Deria, caused Aegon to visibly freak out and cut himself on the Iron Throne, immediately fly to Dragonstone on Balerion, and return to King’s Landing the very next day to sign a peace treaty reaffirming Dorne’s independence. Though the “maester” who wrote this portion of the book can only speculate as to the so-called Dornish Letter’s contents, a careful reading of the text, combined with (possibly spoilery) information gleaned from knowledgeable sources, has led me to a pretty firm conclusion about the message Aegon read when he opened that letter:

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Deria Martell by AileLletram

Dorne was a blighted, burning ruin by this time, and still the Dornish hid and fought from the shadows, refusing to surrender. Even the smallfolk refused to yield, and the toll in lives was uncountable. When Princess Meria at last passed away in 13 AC, her throne passed to her son, the aged and failing Prince Nymor. He had had enough of war and sent a delegation led by his daughter, Princess Deria, to King’s Landing. This delegation carried the skull of Meraxes with them, as a gift for the king. It was ill received by many— Queen Visenya and Orys Baratheon among them— and Lord Oakheart urged that Deria be sent to the meanest of brothels to service any man who would have her. But King Aegon Targaryen would not countenance such an act and instead listened to her words. 

Dorne wanted peace, according to Deria— but the peace of two kingdoms no longer at war, not the peace between a vassal and a lord. Many urged His Grace against this, and the phrase “no peace without submission” was often heard in the halls of the Aegonfort. It was claimed that the king would look weak should he agree to such a demand and that the lords of the Reach and stormlands who had suffered so much for his cause would be angered.

Swayed by such considerations, it is said, King Aegon was determined to refuse the offer until Princess Deria placed in his hands a private letter from her father, Prince Nymor. Aegon read it upon the Iron Throne, and men say that when he rose, his hand was bleeding, so hard had he clenched it. He burned the letter and departed immediately on Balerion’s back for Dragonstone. When he returned the next morning, he agreed to the peace and signed a treaty to that effect.

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