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Money has been tight for me recently. While I broke even on the two recent comic conventions (and it was awesome meeting new people as well as meeting those who were already readers!) all of that money is going right back into shipping the last international Kickstarter books. Even then, it won’t be enough. I did some poor budgeting and international shipping has really been kicking my butt. It’s a lesson learned, and I expect my next Kickstarter will run much smoother. In the meantime, I need to try and get through this.

I’ve put up an e-book version of Book 1, which you can download through Storenvy or through Gumroad for $4.50.

Book 1 is also available through Storenvy in print, for $20 + shipping. All printed books bought from now until the end of October First (Pacific Coast Time) will be sketched in and signed at no extra charge!

A quick note about Storenvy, by the way! Until recently, one needed to have an account to buy anything through them. That’s been changed, and you can now check out as a guest using most major credit cards or PayPal, no need to sign up for something new!

Thanks for your support, everyone.

A side view of the abandoned Mary Shelton Memorial Church in Calhoun, Tennessee. I have recently discovered that the church once had beautiful stained glass windows that were removed during the 1970s to keep vandals from stealing them. Also, there was once a sign in front of the church which proclaimed that it was on the National Register of Historic Places, but someone had stolen that sign. I have no idea what kind of use one could get from stealing such a sign.

Located some distance away from the old church is the cemetery. We had discovered this online and found that many of the graves had dated back to the Civil War era. We’re going to see if we can get permission from the landowner to visit the cemetery.


Crawford Priory is not a priory at all but called such for its resemblance to a monastery. It was in fact just the lovely home and estate to some of the Earls of Crawford in Scotland. It has been abandoned since 1968! Source

M.E. Trew’s General Merchandise is an abandoned general store outside of Etowah, Tennessee. It was first opened in 1890 by John Wesley Trew and was kept in family hands up until its closing in 1996 following the death of its final owner, Mortimer Trew and his wife, Oneta Crittenden. Mortimer Trew passed away sometime in 1996. From what I had gathered, he dedicated his entire life to running this store, up until the very end.

He had started work there as a clerk in 1925—this would mean that he worked for his family’s general store for 71 years. It really makes one think.

M.E. Trew’s General Merchandise was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.