It’s 3 AM and he’s doing his homework. Derek looks up from his assigned reading homework as his cell phone vibrates. He picks it up, wondering who would text him at this ungodly hour. At first, he thinks it’s a joke, shrugging it off. Then, paranoia kicks in, and he realizes that maybe it’s not just some joke and this is for real. His eyes widen in momentary panic. Quickly, he scoops up his car keys and his phone, putting them into the pocket of his large, oversized hoodie, getting up and making the short trip down the hall to Julian’s room. It only takes a few seconds for him to swing open the door and realize that Julian isn’t in his bed. Cursing softly under his breath, he races to Dalton’s parking lot. Climbing into his sleek, black Mercedes-Benz, he makes his way to the hospital. The receptionist raises her eyebrows at him when he comes barging into the hospital, but he ignores the strange looks he is getting from strangers who are eyeing his disheveled look and messy hair. “I’m here to visit a friend of mine. Larson. Julian Larson.” The receptionist recognizes the famous name, but chooses not to say anything, checking her computer to see which room he’s in. Derek waits nervously, and when she tells him the room number that Julian is in, he utters a quick ‘thanks’ and almost sprints to Julian’s room. He opens the door loudly and walks to the foot of the bed.

Julian crosses his arms and stops speaking, looking away from the figure in front of him.

"You pay attention to me, young man! I mean, look at me, Julian! Isn’t it obvious? It’s undeniable! Why are you being so stubborn?!" the figure yells, now completely frustrated and her usual calm demeanor gone. Julian huffs and still refuses to talk to her. 

As Derek enters the room, both pair of eyes flash to him, and the other figure sitting by Julian’s bed snaps and disappears. Julian watches Derek walk over to him, a scowl still present on his face. “Hey.” He mumbles. Julian is injured and is wearing a cast, lying weakly on his hospital bed. He should look like a total mess, but instead looks stunning, as usual, thanks to his power. “Why are you here?” he says, his voice strained. 

Merry Christmas everyone!


Kurt: Pretty Scarves! And a gift card to Bergdorfs. (For….well if we told you the amount you’d hurt us.)



Blaine: Ukeleles!


Reed: Canvas and Paints!



Shane: Necklace





Derek:Box tickets to the next World Series and Superbowl games



Bailey: New Headphones


Charlie and Justin: A trip to the Bahamas, all inclusive in a private villa. FOR THE BOTH OF YOU.


Dwight: VIP Passes to a taping of Supernatural


Nadia: Perfume and a necklace for our Morning Glory!



Merril: A ring and a rose necklace for our Prettiest Flower!



Laura: Diamond earring for our Rose


Adam: We thought it would fit your new look. :)




XD, Love you Knave. <3



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Nadia slips out of her room, greatful that Laura isn’t here and gets out of Dobry. She really was sick of all the stares her fellow Dobry’s gave her, she knew she was still skinny but did they have to stare? She tugged on the hood of Derek’s sweater, it was too big on her even more than usual, and walked around. 

"Let’s try again." She muttered and tried to call Derek again but got his voicemail, again. "Der? It’s me, Nadia. Uhm..Yeah call me back if you can? I’m in town right now." She snapped her phone shut walking further into the street.


Julian sent the final message to Derek, and promptly proceeded to shut down his laptop and put it away. He ran both hands through his hair. Julian looked like he always did: a bitchy, though a very hot, and a very attractive movie star. Derek’s room wasn’t too far away. He barely had a minute for planning this. The actor knew he could pull off any lie. He knew he could. He just didn’t know if he could make one up. Or if he wanted to tell Derek a lie. He had been lying about so many things recently. And he had grown tired of it.

Nevertheless, he knew he couldn’t tell Derek the whole truth. He couldn’t tell anyone. Not even Kurt, with the whole rip his soul apart thing. If he told somewhat true things, and also told somewhat false things, it would still be true, right? Right? He didn’t care. Details. Semantics. The truth was the truth. Therefore things somewhat true were still true. That was close enough for him. He shrugged, started to improvise a game plan in his head, and waited for Derek to arrive. 

Update 5

Evan blinks the mixture of sweat and blood out of his blue eyes, keeping his glare steady on Hera as she wipes his blood off of her dagger. Her grey eyes are glinting like the metal she had marked him with.

"You done now? Tired of carving me like a turkey?" He snarls, converting his panic and worry for Ethan into rage. She smiles at him, seeming amused.

"Done? For the moment. Don’t want you to get used to it now." She said sweetly, her blonde hair falling in haphazard curls around her face, which seemed to get less beautiful with every moment that she spent with Evan.

"I can take whatever you have to throw at me." He spat at her, straightening up to his full height, ignoring the sharp sting of his back and the whines of protest from his muscles. He felt like he could sleep for a thousand years.

"Oh really now?" She mused, walking back toward him, close enough that he could hit her if his hands weren’t shackled together now. Evan watches her warily, never letting his guard down.

"Yeah, Really."

She smiles at him brightly now, pulling out a mirror similar to the one that Zeus and the twins used to keep in contact. She blows lightly over the glass and for a moment all they could see was a thick blackness that encompassed the glass.

“Αφήστε το φως να λάμψει τόσο φωτεινό όσο καμία αλήθεια, ας δούμε τι δεν πρέπει να θεωρείται.” She mutters with a smile. (Translation from Greek to English:Let the light shine as bright as any truth, let us see what should not be seen.) After a moment the mirror’s image lightened and Evan’s heart clenched painfully as he could see Ethan in the mirror.

"Ethan!" He cried, lurching forward at the mirror, hissing in pain. Hera laughs lightly, turning the mirror more toward him now. In the mirror Ethan was on his knees, his arms held up by chains.

Blood seeped from deep gashes on his chest and arms, one long cut above his eyebrow dripping blood down his pale face. Ethan’s eyes were shut tight, violent coughs ripping their way through his body.

"Poison acts fast no?" Hera whispers, her voice grating on Evan’s ears like nails on a chalkboard, a sharp shiver running down his spine. He can feel his eyes burn with the threat of tears at the sight of his brother as he was, unable to help. "It’s not enough to kill him, it’s just causing him agonizing pain."

"Why are you doing this?" He asks, his voice breaking for the first time. He turns his icy blue eyes to her and for a moment Hera is struck speechless. There was such a deep vastness in those eyes that was so eerily similar to her husbands that for a moment, for only a moment she thought she was staring back at Zeus.

The moment soon passed and it registered that this was not her husband, but one of his mistakes that would soon no longer be a problem.

"Because you and your brother should not even exist in the first place." She hisses, reaching a hand back to slap him, her nails digging into his cheek. Evan’s face snaps to the side with the force of the blow, stars sparking behind his eyes.

When his vision cleared and he looked back up, Hera was gone. as where the chains that had been locked on his wrists. The mirror was gone now and Evan couldn’t hold back the tears any longer.

They spilled over his cheek, a single heart wrenching sob escaping him as he broke down, falling to his knees, being careful to avoid the spikes as best he could and the burning water that lapped at his feet.

They were stuck here, separated, and no body even knew they were gone.

They were never getting away from her.


Hera walked the short distance between the two torture rooms with her back rigid.

These two were strong. She was sure that she would have broken them by now.

She had almost gotten Evan, just by showing him what Ethan was going through, she could feel it. There was a moment where he would have done anything if she’d insure that the other would be alright. But he held it together surprisingly.

She wondered how Ethan would do to the same treatment. She smiled to herself now, snapping her fingers and popping herself into the room where Ethan was being held.

As soon as he hears he looks up at her with disdain and she is met with a surprisingly lucid and fierce gaze. Once again she is reminded of Zeus. 

The similarities only seem to fuel her fury. She storms in, brandishing her dagger at him, pressing it up against his neck.

"I tire of you." She hisses at him, her gaze sharp and furious. Ethan sneers at her. "Funny. And I was just starting to enjoy this bonding time with mother dearest." He spits back at her.

How dare he! She fumes inwardly, brandishing the mirror. “Watch your tongue boy. Or things will only be worse for him.” She snaps her fingers and Ethan’s demeanor immediately changed. Again she is amused and intrigued by their concern for one another.

"Ev…"Ethan whispered in horror as he saw the burns that covered Evan’s arms, the way they crisscrossed with the numerous scratches that mirrored his own. Tears ran over Evan’s bruised cheeks steadily.

Ethan pulled at the chains. “Please….Please stop.” He whispered brokenly, thrashing against his bindings uselessly. This brought a smile to Hera’s face.

"Hmm….No I don’t think I will." She mused, tucking the mirror away now, cutting the blade into his skin, just deep enough to break the skin. Ethan hisses softly, pulling away from her instinctively.

She smiles now, pushing hard on his chest, relishing in the pain that spiked across his face as the movement agitated his carved up back.

"Settle in boy. You are your brother are going to be here for a very long time." She hisses. "It is your punishment. It is set in stone."

Ethan closes his eyes as the knife bites into his shoulder, silently resigning himself into believing her.

They were never getting out. He would never see Evan again, they would never see Logan or any of their friends again. His heart stung painfully

We’re going to die here.

Update 3

Ethan gasped as Hera ran a knife down his spine, jerking and struggling against his bindings. His shirt had been discarded long ago, tore to shreds by Hera’s constant scratching at his raw back.

She smiled, moving around to the front of him, brandishing a vile of blue liquid. “Come on Ethan. Cooperate for your Stepmother. Drink up.” She shakes the vile teasingly infront of him.

"Fuck you." He growls, spitting out blood from when she’d hit him with a wooden paddle earlier. She tsked him.

"Now now. Be a good boy, I’m going to be late for my appointment with your dear brother."

Hatred and anger flared inside of his chest. “Don’t you dare touch him!” He lurched at her, nearly dislocating his shoulder in the process. She merely laughed, grasping his chin and forcing his mouth open, pouring the liquid down his throat.

Hera smiles at him, patting his cheek as the chilling liquid ran down his throat, sending chills throughtout his body. “Can’t do to one twin and not do to the other. Wouldn’t be fair.”

Ethan is about to respond angrily, about to tell her exactly where she could shove that bottle when a searing pain races through him, settling into his open wounds and stinging. He chokes back a strangled cry of pain, spitting out more blood, his fingers scrabbling against his bindings again.

"Enjoy that. Low level poisons are just so delicious, no?" She laughed, snapping her fingers and vanishing from sight. Once she was gone Ethan sank to his knees, ignoring the pull on his beaten and bloodied back.

We’ve got to get out of here…I’ve got to find Evan!

*struggles to hold a huge bag of gifts*

For my dear brothers Ethan and Evan : two identical bracelets with engraved on the inside "Not double trouble but twice blessed"

For darling Charlie : a whole new rosegarden with this special new rose I made especially for you

For my weirdo brother ;) : a year supply of…

For Nadia: a new watch

For Dwight ; a new holy water gun

For Adam :

For sweet Laura : selfmade colourful mittens

For puppy Blaine : an appropriate hat

For my dear Kurt : a new warm Burberry Coat

For Shane :

For Reed : new material…I don’t know if you scrapbook though

For Bailey : a new stereo

For Logan : a multicoloured glass chess set

For Derek : decorated by hand wineglasses

For Julian : charmprotected necklace

Spencer gets his..personal..


Nadia didn’t look down at the pavement as she walked, she looked up a head. Holding her head high and looked like any other self concious proud girl. She took a turn and walked into the park, the wind blowing into her black hair. The only sign that something was off was the firm grip on her phone. She couldn’t believe this, Derek being back. It almost seemed too good to be true. Her feet carried her on while her mind wasn’t at all blank. She wanted an explanation and she hoped he would at least tell her the complete truth. 

"I deserved that at least," she thought to herself as she stood in front of the large pond, staring at the water.

Update 2

Evan woke up with a shock of pain running down his back. “Ethan!” He gasped, instinctively reaching out to find his twin.

Panic raced through him as he realized that he was alone. He stepped forward, only to fall to the ground. His ankles were shackled to the wall. He threw his arms out to catch him, pulling them back with a yelp as his hands were burned in searing water that surrounded him outside the small circle of dry ground that he was chained to.

"Fuck!" He cried, scrambling backwards, pulling his injured hands to his chest. He backed up against the wall, crying out in pain as something sharp that was jutting out from the wall sliced at his shoulder, the warm blood soaking his shirt.

Another distant shock of pain. Ethan.

Evan shut his eyes tightly and tried to access his powers. He could melt the shackles and then find a way around the water. Panic struck him again, he couldn’t even feel the usual spark inside of him.

Oh Gods….what have we gotten in to?

Strange things happening.

After having sat outside for hours trying to figure out why Daltons garden was behaving so strangely she had decided to go back inside, try to catch some sleep and then come back. She was exhausted, the gardens scared feelings made her feel awful and she wanted nothing more than to help them but she couldn’t figure out whats wrong. She had thought of asking some of the animals but for some reason they seem to have dissapeared. As she left, she didn’t notice the black and greyish mist covering the ground and gleaming eyes following her figure as she walked back into Hanover.

You’re so pretty,

It’s not hard to believe why she hid you.

I simply must have you, Merril Portman.