Corn rows, gelled baby hairs and du-rags. Now did I just describe to you a hip-hop video from 2003? or the latest SS15 trends debuted at Fashion month?Quite recently, DKNY is the latest target of Black Twitter following the debut of the hottest hairstyle for next Spring/Summer: Baby hairs and as of Tuesday night, the French powerhouse Chanel has come under quite a bit of scrutiny for the debut of the “Urban Tie Cap” or what me and you would call, a du-rag. To be fair, it hasn’t been confirmed that “Urban Fabulous” is the official name of this hairstyle seen on the DKNY catwalks and the du-rag images circulating around the Twitterverse are actually backstage shots of Derek Lam models flattening their hair but nonetheless the issue still remains.

What baby hairs and du-rags have in common is that they have been historically perceived as “ghetto” when really they’re just practical and creative approaches to dealing with different hair types. When seeing these images from New York Fashion Week, I couldn’t help but notice the double standard that arises when black people have been doing something for years, suddenly becomes acceptable and bold when put on a white body which artist, Jennifer Li perfectly captures in this piece:

When black people do something its “ghetto” and “unattractive” but the minute white people do the same things, its portrayed as unique and “edgy”. Instead of calling everything “Urban”, would it kill the world to say that it was inspired by Black culture? Why tip-toe around it when we’re all thinking it?

I don’t see anything wrong with being inspired by different cultures but it becomes a problem when someone refuses to recognise and acknowledge where these looks originated from. 


second photo by olivia locher

Top 3 NYFW Trends to Wear Now 

The fashion world is buzzing for New York Fashion Week and as much as you might love what’s coming down the runway these clothes won’t be in stores for 6 months!

So how do you jump on some of the trends you’ve fallen in love with via runway live stream, Twitter, Instagram, Hyperlapses and Tumblr (duh)? Check out our list of the top 3 trends you can shop online right now.

1) White Blazer

With Anna Wintour in attendance, Public School showed their collection at MADE Fashion Week at Milk Studios. Think a very cool, calm black and white collection of silky wide-legged pants, crepe jackets and long shirt tails.

Nasty Gal’s take on the white blazer includes a feminine (and pretty badass) crochet cape! The Elliatt Cape Blazer is detachable so you can also wear it as a sleeveless vest. 

2) Suede

Derek Lam SS15 was heavy on top-stitched suede paired with knee length skirts and wide-leg pants.

This J. Crew Collection suede-front tank works for those still battling hot weather, but can be worn all fall long with a jacket or cardigan thrown on top.

3) Gingham

Gingham for spring 2015 is back! Diane von Furstenberg mixed both prints and texture together by placing lace on top of gingham. Kendall Jenner (above) made her NYFW debut walking the DVF runway.

Get in the gingham game early with this Daisy Street Midi Skirt from ASOS. Go downtown with sneakers or uptown with a pair of pumps.

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 Photo: All runway photos Style.com