Omegle Fun

It was just another saturday for you, the night going by slowly. All your friends were out with their boyfriends having fun while you sat at home. You were bored and had just seen a funny video of someone going on Omegle and talking to people. Intrigued, you opened up your computer screen, and typed in the web address.

Being a bit scared, you went on chat only mode. There were a few funny people, some asking for nudes. Only a few were tolerable. As you were about to click off, someone caught your eye.

derbyboy: hey

lababe: hey

derbyboy: la babe huh? are the girls in california really unforgettable?

lababe: could say the same for you derby boy? are football players really the best in bed?

derbyboy: never heard of that one before! but ya i could say that for myself.

lababe: interesting…

derbyboy: how about we chat face to face babe?

lababe: ……

derbyboy: i promise i dont bite!

After exchanging skype names, you get nervous. You felt so brave and just wanted to live in the moment. You hear the dial tone and adjust your laptop so it sits at a better angle. Clicking answer, you get faced with a black screen. You stare in confusion.


“Hey, where are you derby boy?”


“You’re even cuter in person,” you hear a thick irish accent say. He pulled up the camera so it faced his crotch.

“Do you see what you do to me babygirl?” His dick was prominent through his sweatpants, the head clearly outlined. You gulped. He started bucking into his hand, lightly touching himself over his pants. You dont know what it was but you felt hot all of a sudden.

“Do I make you wet? Do you want to feel this against your clit babygirl? Touch yourself for me.”

"For daddy."


This video is so SO important for all levels at this sport. 

For me… this is Roller Derby!