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The Poet makes himself into a seer by a long, involved and logical derangement of all the senses. Every kind of love, of suffering, of madness; he searches himself; he exhausts every possible poison so that only essence remains. He undergoes unspeakable tortures that require complete faith and superhuman strength, rendering him the ultimate Invalid among men, the master criminal, the first among the damned-and the supreme Savant! For he arrives at the unknown!For, unlike everyone else, he has developed an already rich soul! He arrives at the unknown, and when, bewildered, he ends up losing his understanding of his visions, he has, at least, seen them! It doesn’t matter if these leaps into the unknown kill him: other awful workers will follow him; they’ll start at the horizons where the other has fallen!” - Arthur Rimbaud

[T]he Surrealists observed that children live at an intersection of the world of fact and the world of imagination, these two worlds blending to form one. But education, devised by Gradgrinds to perpetuate Gradgrinds, separates the two and derogates the world of imagination so that adult life conforms to a practical and rational conventionalism. However, imaginistic and mystical tendencies are not destroyed but pressed down into the subconscious. The purpose of the Surrealist is to liberate these tendencies, re-integrate those bifurcated worlds, so that the individual, once more at one with himself, can achieve a communion with the basic forces of nature impossible to the intellectualizing, imagination-depressing, emotion-aborting half-man. If, as is premised, this submerged world has its order, and this an order more nearly in harmony with universal order than that artifacted by intellect, dreams have a logic which can be apprehended. Derangement of our normalized faculties, cultivation of the dream-like state of mind, the evocation of images by psychic automatism facilitate understanding of that logic.

© Clark Emery, ‘World of Dylan Thomas’, pg. 9 (University of Miami Publications, 1962)

Pai Mei can stroke is beard. 

If your beard is that long and that white and you live in Japan and can teach me kung fu, you can too.

Hipster with frizzy bushy thing looking like frontier town Grizzly Adams, no. All the caps and black glasses and t-shirts and converse sneakers in the world won’t stop you from looking like a deranged pedophile.

You want something to stroke, get a pet.

K, story time: Today in EFF (cooking class), one of my friends made a noise that was hella weird to all of us. I snort and try to mimic the noise, thus starting a match between us of who can make the weirder noise. The bell rings, and right when we’re stepping out into the hall she lets out a “BAHH” noise, like a sheep. I reply with “BAA”, making some kids stare at us. A ways down the hall, I hear a faint (and slightly confused) “..baah?” sound. Then another kid chimes in, quietly chanting “baaa~”. Next thing we know, the entire 2nd floor of the school is baahing like a herd of deranged sheep, which is obviously confusing the hell out of the teachers. The bahhing grows louder, almost as if demanding something in forbidden sheep tounge, which finally draws one of the teachers out of her room to promptly stop all the kids and yell at them to basically shut the fuck up and stop making sheep noises. Everyone goes silent. One kid looks up, down, back up, makes dead eye contact with her, and quietly says, “..well baaAAAaaAAAaaHhh to YOU TOO!”

The teacher loses her shit.

She starts screaming at everyone in the hallway to get back to their classrooms before she “sends us all to the principal herself” (keep in mind there’s at least 50 – 90 kids herded in this one long hallway), which then prompts the kids to stare at each other for a bit. They then smirk, turn to her, and start chanting “BAAH, BAAH, VI-VA LA FLUFF-LE” over and over again, causing the entire fucking hallway to start chanting this, including the kids coming up / down the stairs. It gets so bad that they have to actually speak through the PA system (announcement speakers) and tell us to get to class or else _____ punishment would be done. (it was something like making us tardy even if we got to class or something, idk, to busy trying to remember how to breath)

SO, eventually everyone calms down and gets to their classes.

Skip to 8th period (last class of the day) in Spanish I. We were learning how to say diff. animals in Spanish, so the teacher’s flicking through the powerpoint on the board with diff. farm animals.

One of those happens to be a sheep.

And before she can get a full word out, everyone who had been in / overheard what the hell happened in the hall screamed in unison “MEEEHBAAAAAA~” and “VIVA LA FLUFFLE”. This apparently startled the shit out of the poor teacher who yelped and practically flung her projector remote into the board that it was controlling, and there was a loud pound on the wall from the classroom next to us, followed by “DON’T EVEN DARE BRING THAT “VIVA LA SHEEP’S ASS” OR WHATEVER UP HERE” (bc Spanish I is on the 3rd floor, while all the chaos was on the second), which caused everyone to giggle and snort quite loudly.

The bell rang soon after, but none of us could get up to leave because we were still laughing so hard that even the kids who did manage to get up ended up stumbling and either slamming against a desk or curling up under one on the carpet because they couldn’t physically breath from how hard they were laughing.

Best part?

It’s only the 2nd day of school.

We still have the entire year left to reek this kind of havoc on anyone and everyone <3

TL;DR: Don’t start a sheep revolution in the first week of school unless you want to annoy the fucking shit out of every living mass of flesh inside the fucking building.


Romeo & Juliet AU; Juliet as a psychotic murderess who becomes obsessed with Romeo and kills him so that only she can love him forever.

Give me my Romeo; and, when he shall die,
Take him and cut him out in little stars,
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night

A lot of people are posting about Five Nights at Freddy’s but I think we’re all missing the most fucked up part of this God Forsaken game.  

For 5 nights of work, six hours each, with a job description that basically amounts to “Don’t die at the hands of a bunch of deranged Chuck E Cheese character knock offs” 

They pay you $120

For the most stressful, life-threatening 30 hours of your life

They pay you one hundred and twenty dollars

You are making four dollars an hour

Under the present brutal and primitive conditions on this planet, every person you meet should be regarded as one of the walking wounded. We have never seen a man or woman not slightly deranged by either anxiety or grief. We have never seen a totally sane human being.
—  Robert Anton Wilson