{ Let me shelter you }

Isaac traced his fingers over the symbol painted on the front door of the abandoned Hale house. An Alpha pack was the last thing he’d expected to cross their paths.

‘Well, I’m out. I guess you and your last Beta have plenty to discuss,’ Isaac heard Peter say to Derek, but he didn’t bother to look back. The snide remark about the other Beta’s having left, was completely unnecessary and it didn’t make Isaac like Peter Hale any more than he did before. In all actuality, the guy gave Isaac the creeps.

‘Yeah, well, thanks for your input, Peter. Always helpful,’ Derek replied, failing miserably to hide the pain – or was it embarrassment? – in his voice. Showing any emotion, other than the casual sarcasm or anger, was unusual for Derek when he was in the presence of anyone, really. Isaac decided to blame the fatigue, as they both had had so little sleep the past few nights.

Isaac turned around again, facing his Alpha. By now, Peter had completely disappeared.

‘An Alpha pack, Derek?’ Isaac asked, putting his hands in his pockets. He wanted to hear it from his Alpha’s mouth. The only response he got, however, was Derek rubbing his face tiredly, ending in pinching his nose. Isaac tried not to think about how used he felt. Derek only decided to change his Beta’s because he needed them, yet he never bothered to tell them that. And all the while, Isaac believed Derek had wanted them with him, that he’d wanted to help them. This revelation just felt like a slap in the face. 

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{ Let me shelter you }

{ Chapter 3 }

Isaac swore, Boyd and Erica both owed him at least ten blueberry muffins for all the trouble he has to go through to find them. His jeans were wet, his feet were hurting and the stench that hung around the factory made his head pound. Derek had decided to go out searching for them tonight, and they’d separated just to be over with it as quickly as possible. So while Isaac searched the level floor, Derek had taken the second one. Without any luck so far, because the plan was to text each other once they’d found something. Anything that could lead them to their fellow Beta’s. They’d been searching for about two hours already, yet they both hadn’t found a single clue.

‘Pfft,’ Isaac huffed. And at the exact same time, he heard something moving behind him. As quickly as he could, Isaac turned around and prepared himself for an attack. He heard another swiftly move behind him again, and turned in that direction now. Playing games, are we?

‘Let’s play hide and seek,’ a teasing voice spoke, as if the person could read his mind, yet Isaac couldn’t identify where it came from. The echo in the factory made the voice, which surely was that of a woman, ring through the entire room.

‘Come find me, little pup,’ she spoke again. And in that moment of distraction, he got hit in the back. Grabbing around in his pockets, she took his phone and threw it against the wall, smashing it into tiny pieces. Isaac tried taking hold of the woman, yet she seemed stronger and faster than him. Scratching his cheek with her nails, Isaac knew the situation was bad. Not sure if he’d be able to take her on his own, he let his fangs protrude out of his gums and thought it was all or nothing.

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There's no way to make this sound less like a personal ad...


[Indie Derek Hale RP-er seeking articulate, creative, grammatically-aware RP buddies for fun, profit, and mutual mishandling of muses. (Well, alright, maybe not profit.) My RP wish list can be found here, current threads (so you can get an idea of how I write) are here, dormant/finished threads are here, and general FAQs are over here. Think you might have what it takes? Do I sound like your cup of tea? My ask box is always open.]

{ Let me shelter you }

{ Chapter II }

Just like all the other nights, Isaac’s thoughts didn’t fail to dwindle into horrendous nightmares in which his father’s face haunted him. And just like all the other nights, the rapid beating of Isaac’s heart and the silently suppressed whimpers woke Derek in the middle of the night. Sitting up, Derek took a look at the shaking body, completely buried underneath the covers. A sight he’d gotten pretty used to by now.

He sighed.

Normally, Derek would just ignore  the muttering and resume with sleeping, but this new over-protectiveness that kicked in earlier this night, made him want to go over there and shake those demons away. After all, he was the one responsible now for the kid’s well-being. The problem was that he didn’t know if Isaac would even want to talk about his nightmares. Derek had to admit that, while having kept an eye out for Isaac before the bite and actually having seen what Isaac went through every single night, he still didn’t know what exactly ran through that little head of his. This made it hard to predict how Isaac would react to Derek waking him up. Afraid to push all the wrong buttons and crushing the progress they’ve made so far, Derek decided to do what he always did. He tried to ignore the whimpers, which somehow was now harder to do, and resumed with sleeping.


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alvarom0rata asked:

Your Disaac stuff gives me life. I heart you so much! Keep it up. When I see it I legit squeeeee!!! :-D

Are you serious? :D I’m so happy you like my stuff!! :D I’m glad I can give something to this fandom, because it’s so, so small! :( But don’t worry, I’ll make everyone ship Disaac by attacking them with feels. 

anonymous asked:

post/55644616065/i-swear-were-gonna-catch-deucalion-for-boyd ---->think all ships aside, Ithe best person to be there is Isaac, whatever happened to pack dynamic? and Isaac being so forgiving..I swear sometimes the way they write the show.

Yeah, I know, right? I would’ve preferred to see some more Derek/Isaac in this episode. First of all, we didn’t get an apology from Derek for throwing that glass at Isaac. Secondly, Isaac comes barging in to save Derek’s ass, yet Derek acts like a dick (still no apology!). And then we get this perfect opportunity, yet stiles had to be the one to comfort Derek. 

Anyway, I really expcet more Derek/Isaac in the next episode. Both Erica and Boyd died. Can we please get some Derek getting overprotective of his last Beta? And I refuse, refuse, refuse to believe Isaac is part of Scott’s pack (which is very probable, but I’m not believing it!)