depression wins

anonymous asked:

1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 11

1: Full name - Anna

2: Age - 18

3: 3 Fears - death, centipedes, letting my depression win

4: 3 things I love - pizza, friends, music

5: 4 turns on - kim jongin x 4

6: 4 turns off - shit personality, people who hate animals, bad hygiene, fuckboys 

11: What do I miss - Not having to worry about anything



Ahhhh it’s been way too long since I actually did official Saviors of the World art and I totally forgot how much fun these guys were, dang. ^u^ And I also realized that some people have followed me so recently that they probably don’t even know what Saviors is…?  So I did some doddles. with trivia captions

disclaimer: this fic is still in progress at the current length of 94,664 words and is not posted.