“You always have a choice. A choice to think about the bad or the good, a choice to walk towards brighter light or lie in the dark. The #suicide sign project has never been about telling people what to do. I started this project to encourage people to think differently, to think happier; to remind them that if given time, things do change.” (x)

This is The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin’ Sad by Adam Gnade, and the day I got it I read it through twice. I highly recommend it to anyone who:

  • is surprised they’re still alive
  • creates art, only to repeatedly throw it out because it’s “not good enough”
  • thinks they’re destined to be alone forever
  • doesn’t know where they’ll be in 5 years
  • feels like their life just doesn’t fit them
  • hasn’t left the house in 6 weeks
  • has ever posted anything sad on the internet, secretly hoping someone out there would hear them
  • is so fucking tired

"Don’t sabotage yourself. There are enough people out there who’ll do it for you. Don’t let the assholes win."

(The Space Series, Part Two: Eleven million dollars for a spacesuit and they could have just used you.)

"Ever been so depressed it felt as if every nerve ending in your body was exposed, red, and raw?"
From: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin' Sad

1) Do not, under any circumstances, read the comments. “Anonymous” is not a real person. “Anonymous” is disappointment, weakness fighting back, and envy at its worse. The people who talk shit and complain and stick their nose in your business on the internet don’t hate you, they hate themselves.

2) This is how you win: Surprise everyone with the next thing you do. 

3) Don’t ever forget the reason you started doing what you do. When you do forget (and you will, if you get enough attention) find that thing again and get to know it. Have a second honeymoon with the things you once loved.

4) People will always shit on the things they’re scared of.

5) There are some fine, intelligent, truthful critics out there. They won’t praise, slam, or rage without reason. The rest are failed [fill-in-the-blanks] hurting you because you’re doing what they couldn’t.

6)Take the place of your heroes. It’s okay.

7) Too many good ones are gone. Be the new good ones. And: You’ll always have critics but if you listen to them we won’t always have you.

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