Fiber Optic Bedspread

You might still have a depressingly slow internet connection, but now you can have a blazingly fast place to sleep with the fiber optic bedspread! Emitting a captivating colored light throughout the fabric, the fiber optic bedspread will make any bedroom look more modern.


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It’s amazing how shallow most people’s analysis of say the question of why Batman doesn’t kill the Joker really is. How depressingly shallow and hollow and unimaginative, that the only possible solution that people see to the problem of the Joker is for Batman to kill him. The only possible solution they can envision is where anyone dangerous is immediately extrajudicially murdered.

The fact that Eliezer Yudkowsky cannot envision any other possible alternative beyond that is all the proof anyone needs, I think, that not only does Rationality not give you superpowers, it doesn’t even really help you think in a radically creative way. It just allows you to reinforce the cultural assumptions you’ve already been trained to believe with the veneer of authority that comes from being able to plug it all into your Utilitarian math program.

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I am still sitting here waiting with bated breath for you to watch those last 5 or so AG episodes and complete your rewatch. I refresh your blog every hour to see. I feed off people's life force like a vampire when they watch AG episodes.

So depressingly thirsty

You all want to love someone, I don’t know why you choose me.

I’m a fucking roller coaster, Highs and lows all over the place. You say I’m the only one for you, That you will never want anyone else, And you can see us married in a little house.

I’m crazy and beautiful and you love that, You say you know I get sad But you say you will be the for me. You like that about me.

But you are little boy, Not even a taste of the world outside. Once you find someone who adores you, You will see me as a bullet dodged.

You don’t know my story, my life. You don’t know nights spent screaming, Tearing at my hair, hot tears and sliced skin. You don’t know, anxiety and being terrified. You don’t know what’s going on in my head, When suddenly I want to die.

You speak beautiful words, Fill my mind with promises, But in a few weeks, I will be a mistake.

I guess that’s why they call me a heart breaker. Because guess what? You aren’t the first.

—  Insane

So I was reading angelofthurs ‘s blog, and she wrote the cutest story. So, I asked her if I could draw it. 

It’s fluffy and I love it.

I’ll go draw some X-men now.

This one took a while sorry about that! I can’t say I’m 200% happy with it, but it was a good learning process for me as well.

EDIT: (previously uploaded the wrong version SORRY)