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You guys truly have an amazing blog about an amazing couple. You are always posting the newest news and pictures whilst fangirling just as much as I do. Your blog has the right amount of Amber aswell as Johnny. I love it that you have supported Amber from day one at Johnny’s side, but without being disrespectful to Vanessa, which means a lot to me. You are always friendly and give honest answers and opinions. Keep up the good work

xoxo Lisa

Just found out Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been officially engaged. I’m so happy for them I just wish people would stop judging them. Yes, Johnny cheated on Vanessa, but, first, he’s just a person, and people make mistakes and second, you don’t know what pushes people to do stuff like this. It’s not right, but no one has the right to judge when they don’t know the whole story

And Johnny and Amber seem so happy together. If he and Vanessa weren’t happy together, splitting up was the right thing to do. And as for his kids - it’s better this way, it would be worse for them to grow up in a loveless home. And they seem very comfortable around Amber.

So stop judging and leave them to be happy.


"When I first saw Amber, it was like seeing an old-time movie star. It was like I was seeing Lauren Bacall." - Johnny Depp
He’s such a wonderful presence; he is enigmatic and compelling and a true artist, seriously intelligent and incredibly sensitive. Everybody on set respects and likes him, which says a lot about an actor. It’s a grueling job at times and the stress level that everybody feels in the industry is intense – but it doesn’t affect Johnny, It seems like he has time to look everybody in the eye and I like that, it was wonderful to see. - Amber Heard

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