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Coulson DIDNT found the Avengers or any of those things. Its cool to like Coulson but not to ignore or pretend Fury wasn't the one to do any of those things esp since he's one of the few POC in the marvelverse.

I will kindly ask you to avert your misconceptions of my view on Nick Fury towards the exit sign above. His skin color has nothing to do with the fact that I like Coulson more. I did say that Nick is a badass. His character is compelling, and totally “I don’t take shit from nobody”. Who doesn’t admire someone for standing up for what they believe in?

However, sometimes, the method in which he conducts himself for the greater good, I find downright deplorable. Have you seen the show, Agents of Shield? That was one of the most fucked up things I’ve ever had the displeasure of seeing anyone do to someone that they were supposed to be friends with. While I understand his motives, I cannot relate on a personal level. Fury’s character does not resonate with me like Coulson’s does.

Coulson, the big nerd, is completely likable. He’s a true do-gooder. He’s like Cap, but without all the super strength and decades of history behind him to back up how amazing he is as a person. I not only like this character, but I feel sad when he’s sad. My heart aches when I see him in pain. I’m happy when he is. Hell, I even I laugh at those cheesy one liners, because he probably practiced in front of the mirror a hundred times before laying the smack down on someone who could go toe to toe with a GOD. (IE, the supernanny comment he made to Stark so long ago, or “Oh, that’s how that works” line to Loki.)

Coulson not only inspires people to kick butt and take names. He inspires you to be a good person.

So if you seriously just cannot deal with how I like Coulson better than Fury, click the unfollow button. Have a nice day.

Someone called me deplorable because I made a post that I didn’t tag saying that someone who is racist, transphobic, biphobic, etc. should not be defended? lol okay

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I know you guys aren't really into GameGate but Tim Schafer made fun of GG and more specific #notyourshield (which are the women and minorities that are pro-GG) during GDC by calling us 'sockpuppets' while holding a actual sockpuppet. As a female I find this extremely unprofessional for someone in his line of work and so called 'progressive' game developer and as a gamer I am never gonna buy ANY of his games or anything he making a profit off ever because fuck him and his puppet master.

I’m into GamerGate. No clue on other mods. But I heard about what Tim did and it was deplorable.

I wouldn’t worry too much — he’s probably one of those misinformed people who only see one side of the story and has jumped on the bandwagon. It was very unprofessional behavior, you’re right.

- The Black One

As a woman in ministry and in a leadership position in the church, I find it deplorable that many in the church still use patriarchal codes from the first century as a standard for a 21st century church. The subjugation of women is not a biblical construct. However, many in the church try to make it one by proof texting scripture to support the subservient role of women in the church to perpetuate the misogynistic agenda of those who are threatened by the advancement of women in the church universal.

Session I - Days Long Gone

tl;dr - Arin and his brother behave like teenagers who can never trust again because they got dumped like, that one time.

This was Arin’s prelude/solo Session. I usually run one-on-one Sessions with players before a game starts so they can get a feel for their characters.

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A Recently Destroyed 7th* Century BC Assyrian Statue,  Photo c. 1850

:(  Unfortunately, by now I’m sure most of you have heard the heartbreaking news that this statue and many others at the Mosul Museum fell victim to the deplorable practice of iconoclasm by the Islamic State this week.

This photo is from the mid-19th century excavation of the colossal statues at the Nergal Gate of the ancient city of Nineveh. This statue was one of two winged bull-men (aka lamassu ) that guarded one of several entrances to Nineveh dated to the time of King Sennacherib*. Named for the Mesopotamian god Nergal, the gate was possibly used for ceremonial purposes since it is the only known gate flanked by stone sculptures of winged bull-men, which were believed to be protective deities. 

*Some news sources (e.g. BBC,  and Al Jazeera) are dating these statues to the 9th century BC whereas others say the 7th century BC (e.g. CBS,  ABC). I am not certain which is correct.

no but just imagine some Slytherins trash-talking Hufflepuffs in the common room only for the ghost of Salazar himself to suddenly appear and be like no. shut your yaps. Helga Hufflepuff was a kind, generous, cheerful, devoted and immensely loyal woman who accepted all people without judgement. and the Slytherins just stare at him like “how are any of those things worth praising besides the loyalty of course" and he just stares right back at them and continues on to say "if you crossed her she could hex a wretch 16 days to Sunday and that was the hottest thing I’d ever seen."

the Slytherins grow quiet.

the next day they pay more attention to the Puffs in their dueling class.

the following year holds the school’s record for most Slytherins courting Hufflepuffs.

A movie based on a One Direction fanfiction featuring an abusive and controlling Harry Styles based on another One Direction fanfic featuring an abusive and controlling Harry Styles based on an adult book series with inaccurate representations of BDSM and normal sexual function, and features an abusive and controlling male character that was originally a fanfiction based on Twilight, a book series featuring an abusive and controlling male character.

There are all kinds of courage. It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends. I therefore award ten points to Mr. Neville Longbottom. Benedick Hobbes
—  Dumbledore, probably