Tai Wu-Kuang 戴武光 (b.1943, Taiwan) - 天光雲彩共徘徊, 泉聲, 出淤泥而不染, 初放, 寧靜的世界, 塩湖半遮面

Tai Wu-Kuang 戴武光 is an artist from Hsinchu,Taiwan. His concise strokes make his images full of charm and sense of life. From Chinese painting “ethereal” basis, he successfully creates a new visual effect involving the technic of cursive script. As a depiction of amusing images, Tai achieves the full display of the art of Chinese painting edge of the essence.

Images source TAI Wu-Kuang Art Museum & Artlib © All images courtesy of the artist

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Large (Wikimedia)

Rembrandt van Rijn painted this, The Raising of Lazarus, sometime around 1630–1632.

The LACMA wisely points out Rembrandt’s skillful handling of Christ himself, depicting both his divinity and his humanity with “his hand raised to perform the miracle, his face filled with apprehension and triumph.”

I could make some comment about the strongly triangular composition, emphasized by the lighting.

Honestly, dear reader, I’m more struck by how astonishingly dead Lazarus still looks.

"Producers of the Reese Witherspoon drama, The Good Lie are being sued because they ‘used the life stories of dozens of Sudanese genocide survivors without paying them,’ claims the Foundation for Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan, in a federal lawsuit. The movie also stars South Sudanese former child soldiers Ger Duany and Emmanuel Jal.

The Atlanta-based foundation and the 54 refugees they support, filed the suit on February 19, alleging ‘fraudulent inducement, unjust enrichment, breach of faith, breach of contract, commercial appropriation, conversion and breach of fiduciary duty,’ reports Court House News Service.

Further, the suit claims that the 54 ‘Lost Boys’ partnered with the defendants listed above, to develop a screenplay for a film that would ‘raise public awareness of the plight of Sudanese refugees’ through depiction of their ‘traumatic personal stories.’

The 101-page lawsuit is seeking to get compensation to their contributions.”

Yes, sue the fuck out of them. Stop pretending you are helping Africans when YOU ARE ACTUALLY EXPLOITING US. 


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I was wondering if you knew anything about Yana speaking about the closing/ending of the Kuroshitsuji animes? There was something about the bathtub and a dark baptism. Thank you for doing all these translations! If you wanted to do every single one of Yana's blogs I would read it at least once a day! I love this information we get about the charactors through her blogs.

Hi, thanks for the message! I assume you mean this blog entry from July 2014, so here it is:

English translation:

"The storyboard of the official ED was created by Omata-san (a male staff) and when I watched it for the first time I trembled with excitement as he has so much artistic sense. I’ve been thinking that it looks a bit like “baptism” and it seems like that was indeed Omata-san’s intention.
I was impressed by the fact that there’s a male staff who is capable of such [intense] depiction [*of the characters] without showing any romantic feelings [*between them]. The scene in the bathtub (It’s definitely my personal ‘Moe’ [*i.e. favourite] point. I really love bathroom [scenes] since I always I feel a foreboding of something dreadful.) is pretty ominous, yet it is the best.”

Original text in Japanese:


Sorry for my clumsy translation!(>_<) Hope you get the point though!

As for the blog translations, I really can’t translate all of them (simply because I don’t have that much time and motivation tbh), but I’ll try to do my best and continue translating some of Yana’s blog posts which I personally find interesting and/or funny. If there’s a certain blog entry which you want me to translate, just let me know =)

Have a nice weekend, kimbre!<3

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Banksy used his fame to bring light to the evil done by the Israelis and admits it's fucked up to have to get attention that way. I rather he done it then not.

Attention DOESN’T get rid of systemic violence. It doesn’t grant the right to Palestinians in the diaspora to return back to their land, and it doesn’t give the native people already living there the luxury of not facing violence on a daily basis. 

Corporate media can cover the “art” no matter how much it wants, it’s not going to do any sort of justice, as it has been obvious for decades now. There is a certain way Palestinians themselves are depicted as (as irrational, angry, bitter, people who just want to kill the “peaceful” Zionists, etc) and that image is not going to change because a white guy did some cat art. 

There HAVE been and ARE other Palestinian artists (visual artists, literary artists, film makers, and many others) who produce work on Palestine and tell their own and others history and experiences. Where have you all been when they tried bringing attention to the genocide of Palestinians? Or does it only matter because it’s something trendy Banksy did. 

I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal for you all to have banksy’s work be validated when many Palestinians have already said that they don’t approve of his art. 

He can walk into Palestine and do his work, but many Palestinians can’t even go home or visit their family because of the israelis. so much for prioritizing ~awareness~  above all else. 

Claviorganum, ca. 1598
Lorenz Hauslaib (Germany, 1568-1625) & Steffan Cuntz (Germany, 1565-1629)

- Materials: Ebony, Ivory, Reeds, Other woods
- Height: 28.1 cm | Width: 66.1 cm | Depth: 9.5 cm
- Other Notes: “This tiny instrument incorporates an organ and a virginal built into an ebony tabletop chest of drawers. The lower keyboard manual is for the organ, and levers at the left of the keyboard serve as stops. A pair of bellows is concealed beneath the top of the chest; two ranks of flue pipes and a regal (reed) stop are arranged behind the drawers in the back. The upper keyboard belongs to a removable octave virginal. The instrument is tuned to approximately A=445. Above the keyboards is a small door with a lock and two carved columns flanking a brass relief panel depicting the Deposition from the Cross. The instrument was constructed by Laurentium Hauslaib during the time that he served at the court of Frederick IV, elector of the Palatinate, and was probably intended for domestic use.”

Source: NY-MetMA

One should understand that the Justice Department did not simply find indirect evidence of unintentionally racist practices which harm black people, but “discriminatory intent”—that is to say willful racism aimed to generate cash. Justice in Ferguson is not a matter of “racism without racists,” but racism with racists so secure, so proud, so brazen that they used their government emails to flaunt it.

The emails including “jokes” depicting President Obama as a chimp, mocking how black people talk (“I be so glad that dis be my last child support payment!”), depicting blacks as criminals, welfare recipients, unemployed, lazy, and having “no frigging clue who their Daddies are.” This humor—given the imprimatur of government email—resulted in neither reprimand, nor protest, nor even a polite request to refrain from reoffending. “Instead,” according to the report, “the emails were usually forwarded along to others.”

One should resist the urge to clutch pearls and carp about the “mean people” of Ferguson. Bigoted jokes are never really jokes at all, so much as a tool by which one sanctifies plunder.

—  Ta-Nehisi Coates, “The Gangsters of Ferguson

The Roswell Incident

- Close Encounters

- In 1947, just outside of the small town of Roswell, New Mexico, something occurred that has for, more than half a century, had people over the world mystified and enthralled. It was an incident that would occur, then die down as if it had never happened, only to be awoken in controversy years later, creating mass hype and curiousity, as well as scepticism and scorn. It would become legendary, with scholars, UFO advocates and sceptics alike debating the story and its authenticy for more than half a century up to this day.

It would start the modern fascination with anything extra-terrestrial and other-worldly, and be perhaps the most famous event to have spawned multiple conspiracy theories attached to it in our modern time. It has been the subject of movies, documentaries, books and a popular teen television series was created depicting events from said event.

It is the Roswell Incident.

Sometime in either June or July of 1947 (depending on the source) an object was said to have crash landed on a ranch near Roswell, and a foreman by the name of William “Mac” Brazel came upon debris that he described as a “large area of bright wreckage made up of rubber strips, tinfoil, a rather tough paper and sticks.”

Upon reporting the wreckage to the local authority he was accompanied by RAAF Major Jesse Marcel and a “plain-clothed man” back at the ranch where more of the debris was collected.

What happened next would forever ignite debate and intrigue, as on July 8, a press release was issued by the RAAF stating that they had in their possession a “flying disc”. Stating also that the disc had been stored by the rancher on his property, it claimed that the local Air Field had the disc under inspection. The nation, if not the world, became fascinated with the story, and all kinds of fantastic stories began circulating, the masses caught up in a fervour of mystery and horror.

However, very soon afterwards, a press conference was held, where Major Marcel appeared with the so-called debris retrieved from the Brazel ranch, stating to the media that the material came from a weather balloon. The incident was, some would go on to say, resolved officially and forgotten. It has to be said that in the years following the “incident”, it was only ever claimed that a craft had crash landed on a property and the Army had retrieved it. There are no recorded reports of claims being made regarding the later aspects of the conspiracy, however some would later say that was due to a cover-up, one that had apparently begun almost immediately after the debris retrieval.

It was in 1978 that the incident became news again, when Major Jesse Marcel was interviewed on American television and, supposedly on his death-bed, was interviewed by a UFO researcher and made claims that it was actually a “flying saucer”, not a weather balloon that had been recovered, and that that wasn’t all. Stories began emerging of the Army recovering a number of alien bodies, in some accounts they were dead, some claimed at least one was alive when found.

Soon books began being released by so-called UFO researchers claiming not only that a bunch of archaeology students had found the crash site first, but witnesses, some being nurses and army personnel, saw alien bodies being retrieved, examined and possibly destroyed. People began claiming that they saw and held some of the wreckage before the Army retrieved it, and that they had all been threatened and harrassed by Military officers wanting to perpetuate a cover-up. Some began claiming that the debris shown to the media by Major Marcel was in fact a weather balloon, but not the actual debris recovered from the ranch.

The following years saw numerous similar claims being made, and a number of new claims were made, including that there was another original crash site, that people who had spoken out about the incident were being visited by “Men In Black”, and more witnesses emerged claiming to have seen dead alien corpses and unbreakable, un-burnable material.

Major military officials began speaking out about the incident, and tabloid magazines, documentary film-makers and UFO researchers ate it all up. Sceptics all through the media frenzy and book publishing have maintained that it was nothing more than a crashed weather balloon, and that the claims, originally brought to attention via the books being written by authors who were UFO advocates, were confusing, mis-leading and would change from publication to publication. Some of the so-called witnesses and their reputations were called into question, with some being proven to be liars or con men.

The 1990’s saw more claims, and it became encased in popular culture, and late in the decade film footage emerged of an “alien autopsy” supposedly having occurred shortly after the Roswell crash. It was supposedly taken by an American military officer, and is in poor quality. This film is considered a fake, although some die-hard UFO proponents still claim the footage is real, although the identity of the camera-man has never been revealed.

In July 1994 the Pentagon launched their own investigation, due largely to mounting public interest and pressure, and admitted in their findings that, yes, the official weather balloon story given was in fact a lie, and yes, there was a cover-up of sorts, however it didn’t involve anything extraterrestrial. It was a high-altitude balloon used in what was called Project Mogul, a top-secret experiment in detecting Soviet nuclear tests and missiles. The so-called witness testimony of alien bodies was explained away by mis-identification of test dummies, with claims even being made perhaps people saw deformed, dead monkeys that were used in military experiments. Many purported eyewitnesses swore and still swear that they did not see monkeys.

The story has become mythic, encased in controversy, contradiction and confusion. Roswell has become a Mecca for UFO researchers and believers, and the story has helped tourism and the local economy.

Did an extra-terrestrial craft and its alien crew crash near Roswell in 1947?
Or did the U.S. Military cover up a experiment investigating Soviet activities, inadvertantly bringing about the creation of UFOlogy and modern conspiracy theories regarding spacecraft?

By Matty Sweeney
Picpost by Ashley Hall 2014

Main Picture: Newspaper headline from the “Roswell Daily Record” detailing the found wreckage.
Inset: Officers displaying the weather balloon wreackage… a possible coverup?

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For Women’s History Month, we’re bringing you #Women Write the World, daily posts of National Book Award honored women authors whose nonfiction writing on matters here and abroad set new standards for American expository literature. 

A real-life murder mystery set amidst a city teeming with suppressed tensions over religion, caste, sex, power and economic envy. Katherine Boo’s The Beautiful Forevers is a remarkable depiction of the people of Annawadi, a slum in the shadow of Mumbai airport. The book earned a National Book Award in 2012 and playwright David Hare’s adaption of The Beautiful Forevers is now on stage at London’s National Theatre.

More at the link:

My Three Basic Pieces of Advice

1. Have enough women in the story that they can talk to each other.

2. Filling in tertiary characters with women, even if they have little dialogue or no major impact on plot, changes the background dynamic in unexpected ways.

3. Set women characters into the plot as energetic participants in the plot, whether as primary or secondary or tertiary characters and whether in public or private roles within the setting. Have your female characters exist for themselves, not merely as passive adjuncts whose sole function is to serve as a mirror or a motivator or a victim in relationship to the male.

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Moses and the Burning Bush, Moses receives the Tablets of the LawMoses reading the TorahMoses at Mount Nebo - Dura-Europos synagogue, Syria, c. 244 CE. Tempera over plaster. One of the oldest synagogues in the world, the Dura-Europos synagogue preserves some of the most precious and unique examples of Jewish art in history. These four portraits of Moses are found on the center of the synagogue’s western wall, above the Torah niche. Note his depiction with a square halo.


Planeswalker Hunter Episode 8: Ajani Vengeant

Depicting a younger Ajani than the card “Ajani Goldmane”, “Ajani Vengeant” is a flashback to a critical moment in the albino leonin’s life…the death of his brother Jazal. Filled with rage and grief, his planeswalker spark ignited and landed him smack-dab on Jund. He would have been devoured by the dragon Karrthus if it wasn’t for the intervention of one Sarkhan Vol. The draconic walker taught Ajani the value of red mana and set him on a quest to track down Jazal’s killer.


+1: Target permanent doesn’t untap during its controller’s next untap step.

A part of white’s color pie involves binding magic. A far cry from his ability bolstering older self, this Ajani would rather hinder than help in his quest for vengeance. He’s not letting anything stand in his way.


-2: Ajani Vengeant deals 3 damage to target creature or player and you gain 3 life.

I could use my words to explain this but look at this card.


-7: Destroy all lands target player controls. 

When the search for his brother’s murderer lead him to Nicol Bolas, the dragon was in the process of absorbing the raw waves of mana being produced by the Conflux of Alara’s five shards. Before Bolas could absorb all of the power and gain his full strength, Ajani severed the villain’s mana bonds. In Magic: the Gathering, lands represent a player’s own mana bonds.