department seventeen


Department Seventeen, a Classy Boutique for MEN! (Day 1 of a 3 Part Story)


This stylish men’s boutique is just under a year old and going strong. Department Seventeen is located in San Francisco’s Russian Hill district and ran by three local men who grew up blocks from their storefront. It’s not a huge intimidating store and it is full of surprises and great finds. Dept Seventeen carries different brands of menswear and their own line of outerwear, shirts and ties. I even heard they carry Uniform Wares watches, my favorite brand, and at a great price compare to other stores. I can’t wait to see what else they manage to get in.


Keep posted for more about this great little place! 

Animal Control Unit (ACU) Verse

Based on a timeline where the events of Crisis Core did not take place. Rufus ShinRa becomes the president after his father mysterious death, AVALANCHE is still a threat, Banora was not destroyed, and the infamous SOLDIER trio are still active.

After “saving” Professor Hojo from a wild animal attack the man recommended the young girl for the new ShinRa relocation program. As a part of the program the sixteen year old was given a job at ShinRa in the new Animal Control department which branched off the Science department. Mirabell was seventeen when she was officially granted the status of Dragoon fighter and took over the position of Head of Animal Control. She often travels to other countries and town, making sure that the animals are under control and occasionally gather animals to be used for research and land surveys. she is always accompanied by Riley and usually has a human partner of some sort with her unless she is in one of the remaining sectors.
(RP can start at age 16 and go to age 22)

Our characters DO NOT have to have the kind of relationship described. These are just suggestions.

Raymon Lupus: Mirabell’s father and the main reason she took the job. She sends half or a quarter of each pay back to Banora to pay rent for the house that Raymon is still living in, knowing full well that her father is no good at saving money. He taught her to work hard and earn what she gets and always give what she has to those who need it more.

Gillian Hewley: Mirabell’s childhood neighbor and the one that is actually receiving the rent money so that her father couldn’t ‘accidently’ spend it on drinks and women. She cared for Mirabell the best she could, took her in when Raymon was ‘visiting a friend for the night/day/week’ and taught her to cook and care for herself.

Reeve Tuesti: He is the man that worked hard to get Mirabell through the relocation program rather than one of the boys that had potential to join the Turks after a little more training. After learning that he risked his department and more to transfer her to Midgar, the teen swore to work hard and make the man proud. They meet on occasion for coffee/tea and make some small talk.

Professor Hojo: He’d actually known Mirabell since she was a child and offered to tutor her while he was in Banora. After she moved to Midgar he continued their lessons and even added piano and violin lessons. There is a rumor that the two engage in intimate relations but neither of them have confirmed or denied the rumors yet.

Doctor Hollander: He had met Mirabell once when she was small child and broken her leg. He set her leg, although it was not perfect and left her with a slight limp to her right leg. He barely recognized her when they met ten years later for her first official physical. The two are said to be acquaintances and occasional dinner partners.

Alternate Relationship:
After going on a mission together and finally falling into bed together, the two became an unofficial couple. It would seem though that Mirabell is in an interesting predicament and their relationship may be becoming a little more serious.