Maybe you’re the kind of person who doesn’t need to be told that threatening to rape and murder women is not okay. It’s not a casual means of communicating disagreement; it’s not a hilarious riposte; it’s not a valid expression of frustration at being a sad and lonely individual. And if you know and understand this, and practice not harassing and threatening to rape and kill women as you go about your way on social media, my hat is off. If however the concept is a little muddy, the Department of Justice may now be able to help you clear that up.

It’s time to stop dismissing violent threats against women on social media as the price of doing business online


SCANDAL; “Departure” Live in L.A. House of Blues

Video upload w/ thanks to Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi @ YT.

BREAKING: Judge Orders Release of Racist Photo Featuring Two Cops Posing With a Black Man in Antlers (Seen Above)

  • “It’s a racially charged photo the Chicago Police Department didn’t want the public to see: two white cops posing with rifles as they stand over a black man lying on his belly with deer antlers on his head.” Continue Reading Chicago Tribune’s article on the photo here:
  • “Two years ago federal prosecutors turned over to the Chicago Police Department a racist picture featuring two white cops posing with rifles over a black man wearing antlers. The department has fought to bar the public from seeing the image ever since, claiming it wants to protect the unidentified black man’s privacy. But a federal judge has finally ordered the photograph released—and it’s a startling indictment of a police force already under fire for its systemic racism and brutality. The board ruled that “appearing to treat an African-American man not as a human being but as a hunted animal is disgraceful and shocks the conscience.” McDermott is now appealing his dismissal in court.”: via Slate
  • “Mayor Rahm Emanuel is continuing the city’s tradition of refusing to apologize for the torture of scores of black men under police commander Jon Burge.” Read The Nation’s ‘Racism, Torture and Impunity in Chicago’:
from the Bad Ideas Department

Brain, no. Buying or making a “Rex Lives” shirt, modifying it with “(and shacked up with Obi-Wan)” and adding Dogmatix art on the back is a HORRIBLE idea for con-wear. Kid’s show, kid friendly space, your paranoia would hate you, and this would not be worth the trouble you’d court.

Also, it’s not like you’re going to any cons any time soon.


In the meantime, my thanks to every follower who fits the range of tolerating up to is-shipping-along-with-me my mad pairing and public flailing. I don’t think I express appreciation enough.

So I was tagged by the lovely ladies scumbagcityblues and bluecollarbae

Meet The Strypes fandom tag

your name? Louise

What country do you live in? Ireland

How did you first hear about The Strypes? When the first played the late late toy show. After that is was on today fm when the young gifted and blue ep was coming out.

Favourite strype? I cant pick. Honestly

Favourite original song? It always changes but atm Eighty-Four and Still Gonna Drive You Home

Favourite cover? They are all amazing. I`ll say I’m Shakin’ or I hear you knockin

Which of the new songs are you most excited to hear recorded on the new album? After hearing them live all of them seriously

Favourite EP? Again I am super indecisive and never have favourites. So all

Have you seen them live/are you going to see them live? Their gig in tullmore last month as the first time I seen them. Missed a few gigs from being sick. Had the ticket but couldnt go.

Have you ever met them? briefly

Which member do you think you are most like?  I dunno. Would someone like to tell me ?

Long or short haired Pete? short

Long or short haired Evan? short

Favourite Josh era? - [some examples include:~~young Josh with bieber hair~~alex turner-esk fringe swept back Josh (4-track-mind tour)~~John soho vintage hat (so long haired Josh)~~cowboy josh~~current Josh (earring, tattoo, Casual clothes, short hair)~~] I dunno. I just like that we can tell every era of the band purely based on how Josh looks. Its amusing haha

In your opinion who has the best style? They are all well dressed. And they all share clothes so

Favourite interview? I cant actually remember any specific one right now. I dont think I`ve really watched that many.

If there was one moment in The Strypes history you could go back and witness what would it be? Damn I dunno. Maybe their early gigs in london. The one they talked about in the documentary. When they had one gig. Then had to run up the street with all the equipment for the next gig. Then had to go back because the people wouldnt leave the first pub til they played more.

Do you have any other strypes- related stories or facts you want to share? My best friends are finally fans of them. I dragged Kelley along to a gig and she loved them. And made Santa listen to them cause she`s seeing them in slane on Saturday. Also turns out one of my sisters friends is Josh`s cousin. The first ever like black and white little doodles I do was of The strypes. Ive done three now haha.

Do you have another social media accounts you wanna plug ;)? Twitter is itllbegrand_ and insta is louisenewman_

I have no clue who`s been tagged in all of these so I`ll go with lovesnotonly-blind-but-deaf 4-lad-mind alishareynolds thestrypez departure-from-reality mcfearless505

I really ought to stop taking photos in front of this big black rectangle thing when I’m wearing black clothing.  There’s only so much editing I can do to make my clothes stand out against the background.

[One image of a young woman (me) with light purple hair that is braided back and pulled up in a clip.  I am wearing a white tank top with a black-and-white photo of a forest on the front.  It is tucked into a black, A-line skirt that hits me at about mid-thigh.  I am also wearing black flip-flops with blue and green striped straps.  I have on matte, bright red lipstick. As always, I am wearing my black rectangular glasses.]

In the wake of the Rodney King beating, Congress passed a law known as the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. This allowed the Department of Justice to enter into investigations of police departments across the country for discriminatory behavior and suggest remedial behavior. There have been 325 investigations so far, from the first in 1994 of New Jersey State Police to the most recent of Baltimore Police after the killing of Freddy Gray. 19 of these have reached an end where orders have been imposed on the police department in question. The amount of cases reaching such a point has risen yearly since the law was passed. Has there been more monitoring of and outcry against police brutality, forcing the Department of Justice to work harder? Has there been more of a will to prosecute cases against police departments at the DOJ? Or is police violence on the rise in America, making such investigatons more necessary?

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oh yes, be PROUD of your primitive means. filth like
     you  D E M E A N  the very streets of gotham with your
neanderthal mindsets. or is it a crime to bear a shred
     of intelligence these days so as to be MUGGED in the
     streets, hmm ?❜