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Hey! Just checking to see how your testing had gone and see how you've been :3 - (doctorrbbanner / gammagreen)

aw hi! you’re a sweetiepie ok

so far we’ve had one out of seven-ish midyear tests, and like three outta like twenty essay thinga mabobs but overall im 99% sure im gonna rock ‘em all!!!

except for geometry keep geometry 50000000000000 miles away from me ok

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hi, im just now getting into the whole comic book reading, i love marvel movies so i wanna read some comics but i really dont know how it works, like can i just get some a the library? and do you know any good comics w deadpool in them? thank you thank you tnhank you youve got a v nice blog i love it thanks

Thank you! As for specific Deadpool comics I haven’t read very many, so I’m not too educated in his inked world, but perhaps this helps?

And as far as I know, most libraries do have a selection of comics! I live in a very small town, but even my local library has a small myriad so chances are there might be some in yours!

Good places to check out if you want hard copies as well are Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million and local comic book shops. Online, I’ve gotten quite a few books from Midtown Comics, and their prices, as well as service haven’t let me down yet!

If you’re open to digital copies or downloads, torrents are your best friend, as well as masterposts here on tumblr: A very very helpful place to get them is here.

And the slightly more honest way to get digital copies would be to buy them on Comixology. Comixology is really great for if you want to bulk up before a movie premiere, because when a new comic film comes out, their issues for that team/hero have super great sales, much like the Winter Soldier complete series, which in light of Captain America 2 was marked down from about $18.00 to $2.00.

Hope this helped! Happy reading :D

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is there a link for me to watch the video of the AOU interview??

so far theres been one interview that i know about so far and here it is categorized by actors, since thats how its all broken up!:

Paul Bettany

James Spader, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans

RDJ and Mark Ruffalo

Jeremy Renner, Sam Jackson, and Cobie Smulders

If you mean a livestream of the main AoU panel however, Ive been told there most likely will not be one :/

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"and the marine bio teacher is still a tease" um, what? (new follower)

I sometimes forget not everyone knows what I’m talking about

Basically, I have a marine biology teacher by the surname of Brown that resembles a striking likeness to Robert Downey Jr. Since the Cambridge program works on a block schedule though, I only see him on B4 days, which is more or less like 2-ish times a month.

Upon meeting him for the first time in the gym being shown the new clubs, it was thirst at first sight, and being as though everyone knows how much I love RDJ, my friends encouraged me to ask him for his picture, to which I made happy noises and held a rousing conversation about Iron Man with him, to which he chuckled a lot and told me I was cool.

I asked him about the picture, so he said that he would whenever I had his class for the first time, and I agreed.

When I finally had his class (which I think was last Friday) I was wearing my Iron Man shirt, and he saluted me, before coming over (and sitting down with me!!!!!) and telling me about how he’s thinking about getting his doctorate in marine biology and how much he loves octopi and manatees.

At the end of class (so as to not be rude) I asked him for the picture again and he said to wait ag aiN because he hadn’t worn a suit (he said he wanted to look his Tony Stark-iest) I of course thought he looked perfect because what man doesn’t look perfect in jeans, a flannel and chelsea boots am I right, but anyway I told him yeah okay and he smilEd so nicely and then I went on home.

Then, this Monday, I caught him in the gym again and asked him about the picture again because wow what a tease and this time he was basically wearing a suit I mean he had slacks and a button up white collar shirt with a tie but again he said he wasn’t wearing a suit.

But before I left again, this time he called to me and said sorry and he looked so sorry and my heart went doki doki and so he talked with me a little bit and asked me what color suit I’d like him best in; blue or grey and I told him grey and I probably blushed a little because this hottie teacher asked me how he would look best and honestly I wanna tap it

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can you recommend some good marvel blogs?

I sure could! Some absolutely fantastic ones right off the top of my head are:

ircnman, queenclintasha, romvnov, thorodinbro, romanovah, clintbarttons, clintash, supersoldiersmagneito, missromanovs, ofstarlords, flcon, natalianovah, bucksteve, & blakcwidow

And then, for lots more blogs of the same great quality, you could check out my Blogroll right here!

hope this helps <3