Watch 210 Years of Manhattan Densification in 2 Minutes


Hong Kong has been covered many times by many people in this style. The density of the city screams for these sort of compositions. I never really acted on these instincts, the idea of copying someone else really throws me off.

The thing is, when I really think about it, everything has already been done. Why should I limit my self because photography has been around for all this time, so here we are…


DIY 2 Liquid Density Science Experiments for kids. For more popular kids’ science experiments go here:

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A meeting of the waters, in flood this time.

We shared a photo some time ago of this confluence between the Rhone and the Arve rivers from the Pont de la Jonction just downstream from central Geneva (see Both these rivers are born close together in the same mountains, but one passes through the settling tank of Lake Leman on the way and dumps all its sediment (resulting at times in sub-lake landslides, turbidity currents and tsunamis, as we reported at The Arve flows straight down a different valley from the mountains, retaining the huge amount of rock flour (glacially pulverised bits of stone) from the peaks of its birth.

In the original photo we used a nice placid summer shot, with the rivers meeting in the middle and Von Karman vortices visible in the sediment as the waters flow down together for some distance without meeting. In the recent snap shown here after heavy rains, the Arve is swollen (while the Rhone flood is still passing through the lake) and has spread its load throughout the whole bed of the river. Its flow is the highest recorded since measurements began in 1935. Normally the flow rates are reversed and the clear Rhone gradually absorbs the murky Arve rather than the other way round.


Image credit: Björn Sothmann and ILMD on Reddit.

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