In Los Angeles, Density That Doesn’t Overwhelm

With their new housing project, Blackbirds, an architect and developer strive for a sensitive way to build up a low-slung city.


When it comes to multifamily housing, Los Angeles offers up plenty of ugly, from ubiquitous mid-century dingbats (boxy stucco buildings with apartments perched over ground-level parking bays) to the widely reviled, city-block-hogging, ersatz villas of developer Geoff Palmer, one of which recently burned to the ground under suspicious circumstances during construction.

But if L.A.-based developer LocalConstruct has its way, the city well known for innovations in single-family homes would build denser housing to be more design-savvy and sensitive to city neighborhoods.”

Photo: Blackbirds, an 18-unit development being built in Los Angeles (Bestor Architecture)


Hong Kong has been covered many times by many people in this style. The density of the city screams for these sort of compositions. I never really acted on these instincts, the idea of copying someone else really throws me off.

The thing is, when I really think about it, everything has already been done. Why should I limit my self because photography has been around for all this time, so here we are…


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