I Wayan Malik

Leyak Demonstrating

Indonesia, Bali (2012)

Museum Puri Lukisan, Ubud


The Museum Puri Lukisan explains:

Leyak is synonymous with the black magic practitioners, who are particularly feared in Bali. Their ability to transform into various living creatures, to snatch babies and toads and to cause all sorts of supernatural manifestations gives them a fearsome reputation…

I Wayan Malik (b. 1963) created a painting of Leyak gathering from all over the world to protest and protect their reputations. Their defense is that many men do evil things in the name of Leyak. They suggest that many tourists, expats, government officials, non-Balinese and greedy Balinese use the excuse of Leyak to cover their evil deeds. Notice the waves in the form of “eyes” surrounding the protest?

UPDATE: aphindonesia says: ‘I think it’s spelled “Leak”, from “le”/witch and “ak”/evil.’

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