Here’s those couple of dolls I started a while back, finally done and almost ready for sale.  I’m having some wavering feelings about my goaty eyed Lagoona.  She’s growing on me, and at the very least might need a new dress.

I know I should totally not be brushing gloss sealer on the eyes, because it looks so terrible in photos, but I love the way it looks in person.



Hey everyone!! It’s that time again!!
My poor old car is in the shop leaving me trying to get over 3000$ together to pay for the thing so as you can imagine every cent counts! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
BUT anyway!

  • 10 Slots currently available!
  • Payment in AUD + Upfront to my Paypal at
  • Fanart is fine!
  • Sorry, no Mecha!
  • I’m not great at drawing males but if you want it I’ll do my best!  

Please email me through if you’re interested! (Ask box is super unreliable- I don’t want to lose your info!)
Feel free to ask questions & give me as much info as you can! 


Side Note
Once again, just a HUGE thanks to everyone for their kind words, and for sticking around ! You are super awesome and ALWAYS appreciated! *✧₊✪͡◡ू✪͡


A long over due photo of my custom I’ve been working on. She is Freak du Chic inspired, or well I like to think that she inspired freak du chic, since I had made her before their release photos. Anyways I digress!
I am looking to pick up some of Avea’s accessories to finish this custom doll, I don’t want to alter what I have already since I would prefer to put it back on Avea when I’m done. If anyone has her hat and possibly shin guards left over fro, their own customs I’d love to pick them up.