Hey everyone!! It’s that time again!!
My poor old car is in the shop leaving me trying to get over 3000$ together to pay for the thing so as you can imagine every cent counts! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
BUT anyway!

  • 10 Slots currently available!
  • Payment in AUD + Upfront to my Paypal at
  • Fanart is fine!
  • Sorry, no Mecha!
  • I’m not great at drawing males but if you want it I’ll do my best!  

Please email me through if you’re interested! (Ask box is super unreliable- I don’t want to lose your info!)
Feel free to ask questions & give me as much info as you can! 


Side Note
Once again, just a HUGE thanks to everyone for their kind words, and for sticking around ! You are super awesome and ALWAYS appreciated! *✧₊✪͡◡ू✪͡




So…I’d like to make a list and stuff of just amazing things

  • You’re all so damn bright
  • You have been coming up with these theories for a while
  • You got MEDIA COVERAGE without advertising and just word of mouth
  • You’re amazing
  • You’re having a little bit of faith
  • I’ve seen a lot of you be very respectful and I’m proud of that so keep it up!
  • You are keeping this petition alive!
  • You are spreading it around like wildfire so keep up the good work and be proud of yourselves!
  • Not only did beth make it..but so did you! You’re doing something.
  • Don’t let anyone demean you because of your love for a character, stand up for yourself but be respectful
  • keep up the theories and researching because they’re amazing
  • You guys have banded together
  • We are doing something that any other mini fandom would have done, except we actually did it!
  • Oh and I just love all of you