This song was mixed to retain its dynamic range, so it is naturally quieter. To hear everything better it is recommended you TURN IT UP! :)

This is the rough draft with the Low vocals intact, also there have been a lot of structure changes and additional music added. The guitars were re-recorded, ambient passages added and the drums mixed a little higher in the mix.

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All music composed, performed and written by Kevin T. Shedaker

Another remix of one of my Beatles covers, an attempt to resolve the issue people had with the previous mixes either the vocals not being clear enough or the drums being locked into the left channel. So here is a stereo recreation of the 60s mock up mix with some adjustments.

Love Is The Way was originally written during the earliest “serious album” sessions and presented here in a composite version-spliced together from the best parts of the two versions that were previously recorded. The lyrics are almost nonsensical, but they propose the idea that love is truly the way. This track marked the debut of my drumming on any of my own songs, drums of course performed on an electric kit.

The track contains no auto tune or tune assist, this track is represented in its most stripped down “Dry Mix”. Feedback is welcomed.

All instruments, songwriting/arrangement, lyrics and production/recording done by Kevin T. Shedaker in Delanco, NJ at the Attic.

All Rights Reserved. ©2012-2014 Dendritus Recordings.