For any Demyx Time fans, just watch this. I can’t even- Jenn and Kelly are so cute :‘Dime

Thank you Parlé

Okay so i just need to express my love for Parle productions because wow they are just so amazing

A few years ago after watching my sister play KingdomHearts i played them myself and became very loyal to the fandom, then i heard about Demyx Time (If you havent seen it yet go watch it like right now there ya go ) and the whole show left me in stitches and i found it absolutely amazing, they inspired me to start cosplaying as more then just a passtime but as a lifestyle and a passion, cosplay helped me find my closest friends and even now thanks to Demyx Time i make friends with new people, they literally helped me climb out of my box and start being who i am today, i am really thankful for that
After demyx time i found some of their other videos, like their “The Marauders” Videos (found here ), Stuck in Savannah (L4D2 which acctualy got me into the fandom, Shinra Files ( which i all loved as well, and i still to this day keep up with them, i hope to one day go to a panel of theirs but its difficult because of where i live.
What sparked me making this post was the other day when i was sitting in my bedroom bawling my eyes out, i had had a rough few days and it only seemed to be getting worse but then out of the blue the pictures of Jenn and Kelly doing Welcome To Nightvales Cecil and Carlos (one of my newer and loved fandoms) popped up on my dash and it made me feel a bit better, i went back to watch some of their old videos and was hit with the memories of staying up till four AM on a school night watching their videos and panels for the first time and laughing until i couldn’t breath, they made me laugh all over again and they really helped me get back up and get through whats been going on, Parle Productions will forever be my inspiration for what i do and who i am, Thank you to all of Parle for helping me

You are all truly an inspiration <3