year-of-the-deanmon said:

holy fuck can we be friends because your url makes me scream and it is life and i shall go imagine demon!dean unabashedly flirting with boys because he dont give two fucks


  • Crowley searching every single female strip club he can think of for Demon!Dean only to find him partying it up at an equal opportunity one.
  • Sam trying to take Demon!Dean out on a case not being able to get a single thing done because Dean won’t stop flirting with the officers and making uniform!kink jokes. 
  • Every once in a while Demon!Dean  walking funny on screen for some odd reason
  • Sam having to put up with twice the amount of sexcapade stories. 
  • Demon!Dean’s favorite past time is trying to see how flustered he can make Castiel.
  • Demon!Dean and Charlie calling each other the gay best friend.
  • Demon!Dean having a huge collection of all sorts of toys that he’s overly proud of.  
  • Demon!Dean being so angry at his closeted-human self because holy fuck he was missing out on so much. 
  • Demon!Dean literally not giving a fuck about what people have between their legs.