Amtrak #349 with C&NW engine trailing south from Chicago Union Station in April 1974. by rrradioman on Flickr.

Note that the Amtrak train is using commuter passenger cars. In the upper right are the remains of the Pennsylvania Railroad Freight House that was undergoing demolition.


April 1974

Photo by Gary Sturm

This is the parlor in Quarters D of Admiral’s Row, a series of Second Empire mansions located on the southwest corner of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  Unfortunately, scenes like this were used to condemn the century-and-a-half-year-old mansions; they were supposedly evidence of the unsalvageability of the buildings.  But on closer inspection - yes, the paint is peeling, the plaster is falling - but two separate architectural firms declared 9 of the 11 mansions to be sound, level, and plumb.  Once again, the City of New York found an excuse to do away with historic structures in order to help out a developer.  This should come as a surprise to exactly nobody.

There are at least 3,000 points of demolition built into bridges, highways, and railroads throughout [Switzerland]. And those are just the ones acknowledged by the government. Some of those beautiful mountains are hollow enough to fit whole military divisions. There are cannons hidden in houses — just waiting, just begging for the chance to kill someone. There are man-made rock slides waiting for the trigger. And all of these Wile E. Coyote traps weren’t just set up and abandoned after World War II — civil engineers undergo regular drills all the time. You know, just in case.

The 5 Most Secretly Badass Countries

Patient dormitory inside the Curry Reception Building at Greystone Park State Hospital.  This structure was named after Marcus Curry, a prominent superintendent of the asylum who instituted many notable reforms.  Sadly, it was torn down (along with the cafeteria and clinic buildings) in early 2007.

Maashaven by Bart van Damme on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Maashaven, Rotterdam, South-Holland, The Netherlands.

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The old AVR waste incinerator is being conversed into an amusement park by the same entrepreneur that turned German nuclear power station Kalkar into Kernwasser Wunderland‎ theme park.

Patient dormitory in female wards, Greystone Park State Hospital.  Sadly, the State of New Jersey has decided to demolish this asylum without seriously considering 6 bids for adaptive reuse projects - soon, another Kirkbride building will bite the dust.