I got all my fingers tattooed at Artistic Demographics in Boardman, Ohio by Jeremy. He did a really amazing job. 

Each tattoo has a different meaning to me.

The heart on my pinky goes with the ‘promise’ tattoo I have on that finger that matches one my boyfriend has. Basically it means- I pinky promise to love him forever.

The cupcake is a reminder to always stay sweet.

The puzzle piece is because I have a type of Autism called Aspergers.

The anchor reminds me not to sink.

(if you can see it) The camera on my thumb is because I love photography.

(if you can see it) The bow on my other thumb is because I wear bows all the time.

The pizza is because it’s my favorite food. 

The cross is a reminder to never lose faith.

The diamond is a reminder to always shine bright.

And the Aum is a symbol of keeping an open mind and being peaceful. 

The term “police brutality” is not in my lexicon and hasn’t been for quite a while.

What happened to Michael Brown, those before him and those who will come after him cannot be defined solely within the parameters of police aggression without further nuance on what police objectives are, who such objectives benefit and what sense it makes to continue exerting so much violence on a specific demographic.

Racism does not come without purpose and police departments are not some unidentifiable and ambiguous entity that operate in a vacuum. Various institutions produce them and provide leeway and respite for their crimes. Racism is power. Its profitable. It sets up an order that is made to privilege some groups over others.

This is state terror. Its tax dollars that continue to keep Darren Wilson on paid leave. Its state approved media that maligns, degrades and strips victimhood from Michael Brown, his family and Ferguson residents. Its internalized and externalized antiblack ideologies and attitudes that is proliferated by laws and customs that allows the vast amounts of neutrality and implicit/explicit support for violence against black bodies to thrive. Its the cancerous nature of prison industrial complex that starves black people of futures, families and livelihoods. Its judiciary officials who deliberately formulate a biased grand jury.

The police are one element in the universe of institutional violence against black people. The whole goddamn system is guilty as sin.


Inflato Dumpster | Department of Urban Betterment | Via

As public space in New York becomes increasingly privatized and commodified, The Inflato Dumpster seeks to counter that tendency by serving as an open, engaging street-level structure that acts as a mobile learning laboratory. For five days this fall, the temporary, dome-like structure will confront the tendency of city space to limit public exchange by serving as a large scale urban intervention in which workshops to create and explore the possibilities for smaller, targeted urban interventions will be produced and deployed from within.

We believe that the architecture of the Inflato Dumpster can act as a networked node of neighborhood information - using screens and sensors to produce constantly updating streams of demographic and subjective information regarding the local site - and then in turn produces a smaller constellation of satellite interventions created by locals and visitors alike. We envision the site as a hub for all, to create a gathering space where programs can be curated to the needs of the community.   

Seeing as everyone on tumblr has their law and sociology degrees all the sudden, here's the documents of the Michael Brown case made public.

11 24 14 Letter

14 43984 CARE Main

14 43984 CARE Supp 13

2014 5143Autopsy Report

2014 5143 Demographic Face Sheet

2014 5143 Microscopic 01

2014 5143 Microscopic 02 

2014 5143 Narrative Report

2014 5143 Summary Sheet 01

2014 5143 Supplemental Narrative 01

2014 5143 Toxicology Report 

Crime Lab Controlled Substance Report 

Crime Lab Firearm Evidence

Crime Lab Report 

Darren Wilson Drug Testing Results

Darren Wilson Medical Record

Darren Wilson Toxicology Report 

DNA Analysis Report 

FBI Int Witness 16 

Fed Int Witness 63

Grand Jury Volume 1

Grand Jury Volume 2 

Grand Jury Volume 3 

Grand Jury Volume 4

Grand Jury Volume 5 

Grand Jury Volume 6

Grand Jury Volume 7 

Grand Jury Volume 8

Grand Jury Volume 9

Grand Jury Volume 10

Grand Jury Volume 11

Grand Jury Volume 12

Grand Jury Volume 13

Grand Jury Volume 14 

Grand Jury Volume 15

Grand Jury Volume 16

Grand Jury Volume 17

Grand Jury Volume 18

Grand Jury Volume 19 

Grand Jury Volume 20

Grand Jury Volume 21

Grand Jury Volume 22

Grand Jury Volume 23

Grand Jury Volume 24

Interview PO Darren Wilson 

Interview Witness #10

Interview Witness 12 #1

Interview Witness 12 #2

Interview Witness 12 #3

Interview Witness 14 #1

Interview Witness 14 #2

Interview Witness 16 #1

Interview Witness 16 #2

Interview Witness 22

Interview Witness 25

Interview Witness 30

Interview Witness 32

Interview Witness 34

Interview Witness 35

Interview Witness 37

Interview Witness 38

Interview Witness 41 #1

Interview Witness 41 #2

Interview Witness 42

Interview Witness 43

Interview Witness 44 #1

Interview Witness 44 #2

Interview Witness 45

Interview Witness 46

Interview Witness 48 #1

Interview Witness 48 #2 (phone call)

Interview Witness 62

Witness 40 Journal Entry

Witness #57 Int #2

Witness #64 Int #2

Michael Brown Private Autopsy Report 

Radio Traffic 

Riot A Calls

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Zayn didn't wear a ghitrah/keffiyeh. His scarf is literally from Topman. Stop misinforming your followers. The print isn't even the same, sorry.

You can buy bindi’s at Topshop too, that doesn’t strip them of their actual meaning.

Sorry, but if you think that Zayn hasn’t spent the last four years being carefully coached about the ways that he is and isn’t allowed to express his religion and his cultural heritage, so that it isn’t too ‘aggressive’ and he’s not ‘making too much of a political statement’ for the band’s tween demographic, then you’re terribly naive. 

This was deliberate. I literally don’t care where he bought it, that ‘scarf’ is a statement.

Fellow white people: here's the thing.

I’ve seen some shit on my dash and I need to say something.

Everyone understands, or at least SHOULD understand, that white people aren’t necessarily The Enemy and that not all police officers are corrupt. We get that. It’s like White Boys TM, White Girls TM, so on and so forth. The label applies to a very specific set of people who fit a very specific set of criteria within the actual full demographic of white males, females, police officers, etc. 

So once you wrap your brain around that, stop talking about it. Ferguson isn’t about Not All Cops, Not All White People. Ferguson isn’t even about POC. Ferguson is EXCLUSIVELY about police brutality against BLACK BODIES and the sheer DISREGARD and DEHUMANIZATION of those BLACK. BODIES.

The acts being carried out against black people in Ferguson are disgusting. If you can read about/watch an unarmed boy being shot, and people being pelleted with rubber bullets and gassed with tear gas, and have ANY portion of your reaction be “but not all white people, not all cops!” you need to sit down and reevaluate your outlook.

This isn’t fucking about us, and don’t you dare MAKE it about us. Don’t you dare make it about anyone else except Michael Brown, Ferguson, and black people. I’m sorry if it upsets you, but the fact is that any demographic outside of the aforementioned are the single least important factor in any discussion about Mike Brown and the Ferguson protests, so just leave it out.

People shouldn’t have to be reminded about these things. The people who need reminding are probably part of the problem. School people when they need schooling. Educate the people who feel the need to turn discussions of black people into discussions about white people. But don’t BE that person.

And while I’m on a semi-related note, quit talking about how protests are fruitless and “hate breeds hate”. Let’s just completely ignore for a moment that most protests in Ferguson have been peaceful with physical violence and rioting being sparked by Ferguson PD, because that’s a whole other can of worms. The end game is that we don’t understand how black people and most specifically the people of Ferguson feel, and we don’t get to tell them how they can react, emotionally and/or physically, to what they are experiencing.

They are more than within their rights to hate the people inflicting all of this upon them, and the social construct creating the environment, and the white people who benefit from that construct while THEY suffer. We don’t get to tell them otherwise. And we don’t get to tell them that violence or radical action isn’t the solution, and passivity is. What would MLK do? Follow MLK’s example? MLK was peaceful in his activism and he STILL got fucking shot in the head. Which says to me, and should say to everyone else, that the “hate breeds hate” attitude is a redundant pacifier from people who are made uncomfortable by radical action. It doesn’t make a damn difference whether you’re a peaceful or radical activist, people are still out to squash you. Just sit on that one for a moment.

Basically this is one giant shout-out to my fellow white people to shut the hell up in spaces where our voices aren’t needed or wanted. This discussion is not about us. Speak when you are asked to speak, and STOP directing discussion towards us. This is not our fight.

(Disclaimer: I’m not trying to speak for black people, and if any of this is problematic please let me know so I can fix it asap. Just trying to collect my people.)

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How come people get riled up when a white man shoots a black man but could give a fuck that blacks are killed annually most by other blacks?

yea, nonny.  how come people get riled up when a person sworn to protect and serve shoots an unarmed kid but could give a fuck when a demographic exhibits the crime and violence any sociologist would expect when pressured with poverty, a pisspoor justice system, ridiculous drug laws, and prevalent lethal racism.  how come?

but srsly.  never understood this redirection technique.  we shouldn’t focus on cops killing black people because black people also kill black people?  how do you deal with issues in everyday life?  “dude, the gallon of milk always expires before we drink it.  maybe we should buy half gallons.” “no.  it’s fine because the orange juice expires too.”

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re: OTRA opener. Meghan Trainor maybe? I looked up her website and she has tour dates of her own booked through March, but it wouldn't shock me if she's being considered for the North American leg of the OTRA tour in the summer. Azoff connection, adult artist with an adult audience but with appeal to the teen girl demographic. They've mentioned her in interviews a couple times. Just putting it out there

Yeah I actually thought about that when I made the post! I think she’d be a possibility for sure!

It’s ironic that the Gamergate phenomenon is ostensibly about corruption in video game journalism, but the only targets that these reactionaries have gone after have been small indie developers, while ignoring massive instances of collusion between journalists and game devs, like the purchasing of good reviews for Shadow of Mordor, or the ownership of Game Informer by Gamestop, or EA giving huge wads of cash to IGN. All of these are real issues of corruption, but none of these involve “social justice” journalists, so they are simply not targets on the movement’s radar. No, they’re far more concerned that someone like Leigh Alexander might say that the time of the “gamer identity” is over, now that games are so mainstream as to be nearly ubiquitous. To dare suggest that self-proclaimed “hardcore gamers” are already not the entirety of their own demographic is encroachment on their territory — territory to which they feel desperately and reactionarily entitled, and to whom any expansion of the core mission of games-that-white-dudes-like is anathema. Those formerly bullied have become bullying gatekeepers to the identity, and the idea that they may no longer be “special snowflakes” horrifies them to the point of revolt.

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How come people get riled up when a white man shoots a black man but could give a fuck that blacks are killed annually most by other blacks?

"Why is that some people get upset when a white cop faces no legal consequences for murdering a black child (and is even financially rewarded for his crime), yet the only people who whine about supposed black-on-black crime while ignoring the fact that most violent crime occurs within specific racial demographics are my super racist white buddies?" - You, a certifiable piece of shit, on what is probably your third or fourth trip to my inbox

The Riots In Fergurson Are Making Us Look Bad

Because it should never have come to this.

Because the grand jury should never have failed to indite Darren Wilson.

Because it should never have taken over 100 days for this case to reach a court.

Because the police and corporate media should never have lied to us.

Because the national guard should never have been deployed against the people.

Because the police should never have violated the constitutional right to assemble and speak.

Because the community of Ferguson should never have needed to assemble and speak.

Because Mike Brown’s murdered should have been arrested.

Because Mike Brown’s body should never have been left out in the streets.

Because Mike Brown should never have been murdered.

Because the discrimination that allows a mostly white police force for a black town should never have been legal.

Because racist lending policies and redlining that helped create the skewed racial demographics of towns like Ferguson should never have existed.

Because it never should have taken so long to pass the Civil Rights Act.

Because it should never have taken that much longer to actually (begrudgingly) enforce it.

Because Jim Crow laws should never have been in effect.

Because it should never have taken a war and an constitutional to end most forms of slavery.

Because slavery should never have happened.

But it did. And we, as a nation, are proving, again and again, that the murder of Black children in our streets is not only acceptable, but intentional. We are a people who, when confronted with the grief, and anger, and fear of a people who have been subjected to almost 500 years of systemic terrorism, see only senseless violence. And that is no mistake, because mistakes repeated often enough become decisions. So every non-Black person who is not actively fighting for the lives of Black people is complicit in the death of Mike Brown. Darren Wilson may have pulled the trigger, but we steadied the gun.

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I just saw that photo that you reblogged. That is a gross inaccuracy. Once you realize that the demographic of Ferguson is roughly 70% Afr. Am. and 30% Caucasion, you would realize the statistics for the arrests would be about accurate. A 10% margin of error when it comes down to it. I'm a statistic analyst. 80% of arrests were Afr. and 21% white. I'm just telling you because I hate to see people misinformed. I'm NOT battling the racist comment, rather the skewed facts presented by that post.

Perhaps you should go back and reread what the OP was actually saying (emphasis mine):

A lot of people in the coming days will say, “It’s not about race,” or, “The media is trying to make it about race.”

But look at the data from Missouri’s state government: Black residents of Ferguson are twice as likely to be stopped and/or searched as white residents, and they are far more likely to be arrested. But searches of black residents are much less likely to discover contraband than searches of white residents.

Around the country, when compared to white men, African American men are much more likely to be shot by police. They are more likely to be arrested. They are more likely to be convicted. And for the same crime, African American men will on average serve 20% more time in prison than a white man

We don’t have a race problem when it comes to policing in the U.S.? The data strongly indicates otherwise.

Congrats on being a statistic analyst. But the specific point was that black people are stopped and searched at a higher rate than white people despite the fact that they were less likely than white people to have contraband on them when searched. This is indicative of racial profiling, (the assumption that black people are doing something illegal deserving of being stopped and searched) which is a huge fucking problem in this country, which is what leads to the huge disparity of black men filling up our prisons (another point the OP was making, specifically that black people make up 13% of the population but 37% of prison inmates).

The only thing skewed here is how the justice system treats black people.

i saw on the news that the reason they got 9 white jurors and 3 black jurors was so it would reflect the demographic of St Louis county

but the murder didn’t take place in all of St Louis County

It took place in Ferguson

which is over 60% black

They had this planned from the beginning

Confessed by: Anonymous

Admin Note: Neither StarKid nor HP are ‘Middle School things!” I was in college before I discovered StarKid, yet I have loved it from the start. Our main demographic is probably 14-21 right now, but there are a lot of older StarKids too.  If you’ve never tried it before, give it a chance!

A Big Finish statistic.

In 2014, women writers were attached to six separate Doctor Who-related stories, either as sole author (Jacqueline Rayner - Starborn, Una McCormack - Goodnight Sweet Ladies), co-author (Emma Beeby - Tomb Ship, LM Myles and Una McCormack - Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories, Louise Jameson - The Abandoned), or adapter (Jacqueline Rayner - The Highest Science).

In 2014, Matt Fitton’s name was attached to fourteen separate Doctor Who-related stories, either as sole author (Luna Romana, Time’s Horizon, Eyes of the Master, Changing of the Guard, Signs and Wonders, The Death of Hope, The Reviled, Masterplan, Rule of the Eminence, and An Ordinary Life) or co-author (The Lamentation Cipher, The Shadow at the Edge of the World, The Fall of the House of Pollard, and The Viyran Solution)

(Please note, this is by no means an attack on Matt Fitton or his writing; he’s just an example to compare and contrast.)

There’s a difference between not cutting a demographic of people slack because they’ve never been oppressed, and openly slandering them with huge sweeping generalisations just so that you can have something to rile against. SO many of you are ill informed, pathetic, childish ‘vigalantis’ sitting safely behind your keyboards shouting out unresearched comments about topics you don’t understand. 

  • being gay is not an exclusive club which makes you a higher being and it does not give you the right to criticise other kinds of people
  • use your ‘higher intellect’ to rise above prejudice and mob mentality. 

When we say diversity, they automatically think about skin color. “Oh yes, we have many people in our program who come from uh… Asian backgrounds…”

I did not ask you about racial diversity. I asked you about diversity in modes of knowledge production, in strong objectivity, in socio-economic demographics, in representation of gender and sexual minorities.

Try again. I’ll wait.

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Lemme guess your a Straight White Male who lives in a large or middle class home who never experienced depressions,difference or equality issues and never had to work harder just to be treated equal or been though violence or in general been treated badly Do you honestly believe that offending your own leader benefits your country? Do you believe that anyone different shouldn't be treated equal ? Do you think if their kids are bullied and attacked and want to kill themselves They don't matter?

Lemme guess, you’re generalizing and making assumptions because you want to believe that our demographics are what should define our value as humans and that certain backgrounds are shameful, despite the fact that none of us can control where we come from in life, only where we go. You know nothing about me or you would understand that I do not fit into your little box. Yes, I am straight. Yes, I am white. Yes, I grew up middle class. But that is where your generalizations begin to fail you. If you want my story, ask for it. Stop making assumptions and wild accusations. 

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I've been following your blog for awhile and I just wanted to ask how is racism dealt with in Canada? I don't know anything about Canada and I want to be aware of how big the differences are between the US and Canada despite them being next to each other.

[All numbers provided by Google]

Thi is a stupendously long answer aaaand I’m sorry.

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via nytimes:

Case: State of Missouri v. Darren Wilson - Grand Jury Testimony 
(p. 700-703)

Darren Wilson’s own account starts at around p. 206 / Sept 16, 2014 (p. 875 in the PDF).

more via npr: 

Ferguson Documents: How The Grand Jury Reached A Decision


  1. 11 24 14 Letter
  2. 14 43984 CARE Main
  3. 14 43984 CARE Supp 13
  4. 2014 5143 Autopsy Report
  5. 2014 5143 Demographic Face Sheet
  6. 2014 5143 Microscopic 01
  7. 2014 5143 Microscopic 02
  8. 2014 5143 Narrative Report 01
  9. 2014 5143 Summary Sheet 01
  10. 2014 5143 Supplemental Narrative 01
  11. 2014 5143 Toxicology Report
  12. Crime Lab Controlled Substance Report