I know that the middle class of this country is collapsing. I know the gap between the very, very rich and everybody else is growing wider. I know there is profound anger at the greed on Wall Street and corporate America, anger at the political establishment, anger at the media establishment. The American people want real change.
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Author Alan Dershowitz: How to defeat ISIS? Ask Israel

Alan Dershowitz explains why Israel’s strategy in combatting Hamas serves as the blueprint the US should use versus ISIS.

Let me get this straight:

Guys like Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown smoke pot, drink and listen to rap music: In death, they’re condemned as a vicious thugs who had it coming.

Joan Rivers was caught on camera advocating genocide and cheering on the deaths of innocent kids: In death, is called a feminist icon with a heart of gold and her vile remarks are completely swept under the rug.

OK. That’s fair.

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Justice Department caught red handed trying to coordinate leaks of IRS documents with Democrats


This latest development in the IRS targeting scandal is like something out of a movie.

from the Blaze:

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) says the Obama administration’s Justice Department has been caught red-handed trying to orchestrate the leak of committee documents related to the ongoing IRS investigation, which would have allowed Justice to comment on the documents before Republicans made them public.

Issa says he has clear evidence of this — a Justice official mistakenly called Issa’s staff directly, instead of calling a Democratic office, and asked Issa’s staff to leak the information “before the Majority” — meaning Republicans — could share it.

“I am extremely troubled by this attempt to improperly coordinate the release of committee documents with the minority staff,” Issa wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder in a Monday letter. “This effort to preemptively release incomplete and selectively chosen information undermines the department’s claims that it is responding in good faith.”

According to Issa’s letter, a senior Justice official called the committee on Friday, and reached Issa’s Republican staff. The official said Justice was sending over certain documents to Republicans that evening related to Andrew Strelka, a former IRS official who now works at Justice and is involved in the IRS investigation.

Republicans have complained about Strekla’s involvement in the case given his past work at the IRS.

The official then said Justice was not allowed to release the documents to the press, but said Justice wanted to get it to the press somehow so it could comment on the documents before Issa could.

The official “then asked the committee employee if the committee would agree to release the material to selected reporters and thereby allow the department the opportunity to comment publicly on it,” Issa wrote.

When Issa’s staff asked for the documents, the Justice official put the call on hold for about three minutes, during which he apparently realized his mistake.

Issa said when the call resumed, the Justice official was “audibly shaken,” and said there was a “change in plans” — Justice would no longer seek to release the documents early. Issa said he realizes that emails and other communications are often shared, but said the call seems to be proof that committee Democrats are working with the Obama administration to “obfuscate and prejudice the committee’s work through under-the-table coordination.”

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This points to deliberate obfuscation of the truth by the Justice Department, the very people who are supposed to be investigating the crime.  They are now willful participants in it.  

Notice also that they only wanted to leak the documents to “selected reporters.”  That means that they also have a list of reporters who are complicit in their coverup.  Any real reporter would naturally ask, “Why are you releasing this information to me all of the sudden?”  But that’s not what these select reporters are for. They’re only their to add a false sense of integrity to what is undeniable a corrupt investigation on top of a coverup on top of a crime.

What’s worse is that this practice is most likely a regular occurrence.  What are the chances that Darrell Issa’s office intercepted the very first coordination between the Justice Department and Democrats on Capitol Hill.  No, this was done casually, as if it’s something they do every day.