I’m a Jackson County organization Democrat and proud of it. That is the way I got to be a county judge, a Senator, and the candidate for Vice President. A statesman is only a dead politician. I never want to be a statesman.
—  Harry S. Truman, on criticism about his colorful personality and rough-around-the-edges style while campaigning for the Vice Presidency, during a speech to the American Federation of Labor, Kansas City, Missouri, September 26, 1944.
  • Liberals in 2008:Give Obama some time he's only just become President.
  • Liberals in 2009:Give Obama some time he's only just become President.
  • Liberals in 2010:Give Obama some time he's only just become President.
  • Liberals in 2011:Give Obama some time he's only just become President.
  • Liberals in 2012:Give Obama some time he's only just become President.
  • Liberals in 2013:Give Obama some time he's only just become President.
  • Liberals in 2014:Give Obama some time he's only just become President.
  • Liberals in 2015:Give Obama some time he's only just become President.
  • Liberals in 2016:Give Obama some time he's only just become President.
  • Liberals in 2017:Obama's not even President anymore stop shitting on him.

Reince Priebus, the Republican national chairman today, said that 300,000 jobs, 323,000 created, ought to be expected every month. It shouldn’t be an exception. And just a historical perspective, during the eight years of President Bush, there were 2.1 million net jobs created in the United States, and of that 2.1 million, 1.8 million were in the public sector, state, local or federal government.

That means there were 300,000 jobs in the private sector created in eight months — in eight years, rather, net. So, I mean, this is rather remarkable. And I just point out that in the — David touched on the fact that more jobs have been created in the United States in the last four years than in Europe, Japan, all the industrialized modern world combined.

So, it’s a record. And there’s just one other little item, and it’s not unimportant. And this is where David and I do disagree, I know; 70 years since World War II, 36 years with a Republican president, 34 years with a Democratic president, in those 70 years, there were 36.7 million jobs created by Republican — under Republican presidents, while Republicans were office, OK, a little over half the time.

In 34 years, there were 63.7 million created by Democrats. That’s 29 million more. Perhaps it’s an accident once or twice or what. But, I mean, at some point, the Democrats ought to be trumpeting the fact that they have been better on the economy and job creation than have been their opposition.


Mark Shields

Thanks to nubbsgalore for the quote from PBS.

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), throws a snowball on the Senate floor in a bizarre attempt to prove climate change is a hoax.

Inhofe is the new chairman of the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee, which controls spending and administration of environmental laws and pollution.

Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works – The committee has two halves. The first half of this committee’s jurisdiction is environmentally concerned; it focuses on issues such as air pollution, environmental effects of toxic substances, fisheries and wildlife, ocean dumping, water pollution and protection, and research and development.  The public works half deals with solid waste disposal and recycling, and maintenance of public works like bridges, dams, and public buildings. Official Website.

Good times ahead…

Here you go, peeps! This map is of every current Senator that will be up for re-election in 2016. If you do the math, you’ll see that for every Democrat up for re-election, there are 2.5 Republicans also having to defend their seat. These Republicans up for re-election won their seats during infamous Tea Party revolt in the 2010 midterms when the Dems lost the House and barely hung to the Senate.

The battleground states in 2016 for Dems to keep their eye on are; Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, and Florida. A few hopeful pick-ups are Indiana, New Hampshire and Georgia. If Dems can hold onto their seats in 2016 and gain all of those… I present to you a 57 Democratic majority over the 43 Republican minority.

If you want a filibuster proof majority (who doesn’t want that) then add Arizona, South Carolina, Kentucky. Those would be next in line in probabilities to win. (How great would it be to unseat John McCain and Rand Paul in the same year?)

Regardless, Democrats are poised to win back the Senate even if it’s only by a small margin. What’s important is winning the Presidency (Clinton) and the Senate in 2016 so Dems can reverse the Reagan/Bush years of judicial appointments. Time to stack the courts.


On the right, they treat these people as equals and welcome them into the fold. That has its problems but it shows a much more respectful attitude toward the democratic process. On the left they treat their activists like embarrassing relatives they wish they could lock in the attic. And that’s odd considering liberalism’s alleged affinity for the common man. Maybe they could spare just a little of that famous compassion for the hippies who work their hearts out for the cause once in a while. It might even end up getting some results.

Democrats have been treating idealists like punching bags and scapegoats since the 1960s. Enough.

Climate deniers routinely claim that temperature data used to measure global climate change have been “falsified” and manipulated. Dozens of studies have shown this claim to be bullshit. Now Republicans control of the budgets of NASA, NOAA, DOI, EPA, and other environmental policy committees (here’s how that happened, btw).

FactCheck.org is “a nonpartisan, nonprofit “consumer advocate” for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics. We monitor the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players in the form of TV ads, debates, speeches, interviews and news releases. Our goal is to apply the best practices of both journalism and scholarship, and to increase public knowledge and understanding.”

FactCheck.org debunked (again) claims by Republican elected officials that scientists messed around with climate data that shows humans are affecting the climate.

In “Nothing False About Temperature Data,” FactCheck refers several research papers that reviewed, re-reviewed, and re-analyzed the temperature records published over the years. One paper reviewed data going back to 1801. Researchers and scientists that conducted these “meta” studies are located in labs and universities around the world, not just in the U.S.

All papers concluded: the data used to monitor temperature, and therefore measure changes to the climate; and that humans are causing serious disruptions to the earth’s natural climate cycles.

So, the next time someone brings up that the records were altered, kindly point them to this article. Ask them, with respect and empathy, to have a discussion about the facts. Above all, when chatting with someone about a controversial topic, stay on point. Define the terms of the discussion. Agree to not allow red herrings to enter the conversation, and throw everything off course. 

Stay focused.

Stay calm.

And, guys, vote in the midterms…