Things we have learned from US cops over the last few years.

-It is possible to sever your own spine and crush your larynx all by yourself while in police custody.

-It is possible to grab a cop’s gun and use it to shoot yourself in the forehead while your hands are handcuffed behind your back.

-It is possible to be shot several times and keep charging at full force.  

-Unarmed black men do, in fact, have superpowers.

The Clintons’ Bills

When Bill Clinton was asked if he would continue giving paid speeches of $500,000 each, Clinton showed he learned nothing from his wife’s “dead broke” comment, saying, “I gotta pay our bills.”

Here are the bills he’s talking about.

The Clintons’ Bills:

$25,000 a box for the world’s most expensive cigar (that Bill Clinton loves)

$70,000,000+ in private jets (NOTE: Even Prince William flies commercial)

FOURTEEN $550 watches

His $4,000 watch


President Clinton famously told us “The era of big government is over.” The Baltimore tragedy is trying to tell us, if we didn’t already know, that the era of (Bill) Clinton liberalism is over — just when his wife has her best shot at becoming president. In the wake of the Baltimore unrest, a stunning 96 percent of Americans polled by NBC News say they expect more urban riots this summer. Yet there’s little visible urgency around preventing that outcome.

Clinton revived the Democrats partly by incorporating GOP critiques on crime, welfare and race. What comes next?


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2015 will be the year Liberal Tumblr learns to hate me because I am going to take every opportunity to call out its hypocrisy. And don’t take that as support far rightwingers, I just know you are all a part of the problem. 

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Hillary Clinton through the years

Hillary Clinton announces her second run for the presidency, starting her campaign as the Democrats’ best hope of fending off a crowded field of lesser-known Republican rivals and retaining the White House.

The overwhelming favorite for the Democratic presidential nomination, Clinton will nonetheless face multiple challenges as she returns to the campaign trail seven years after losing the nomination in 2008 to Barack Obama. (Reuters) 

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Nothing shows you have something important to contribute than standing on a car, grabbing your crotch, with both middle fingers in the air.
Only the stupid burn the neighborhood in which they live. It’s their own neighborhood, if they want to torch it let them, and when the dust settles in a few days they can live in it. Nothing’s achieved destroying your own community. That’s just creating a cycle - you loot and destroy businesses, and then you complain about poverty and rundown neighborhoods and government not funding enough for your neighborhood revival.

Liberals might not like hearing this, but it’s going to be Hillary Clinton or a Republican in 2016. It really breaks down to these two options: 

1. Either get on board with Hillary Clinton, even if she’s not everything you’ve dreamed of. 

- or -

2. Whine and cry because Elizabeth Warren isn’t going to run, become apathetic, then let Republicans win the White House in 2016; likely replace four Supreme Court Justices over the following 8 years; start a war with Iran; ruin the planet; destroy our economy again; and undo all the good that’s been done these last 6 years.

Those are your choices.  Period.  No one else has a chance of winning.  Every vote you idealistically hand over to the Green Party or your favorite independent is a vote the Republicans were praying wouldn’t go to Hillary Clinton.  The two party system sucks.  The Electoral College is ridiculous and needs to be done away with.  However.  If either of the major parties even has the possibility of fracturing, it will happen to the GOP first.  The Batshit Crazy Terrible Republicans will split from the Just Regular Terrible Republicans and neither will have enough support to win an election.  Then the Left can split into Actual Save The Country Democrats and Wall Street Democrats like Hillary Clinton.   Until that happens, it’s just not safe to vote for a candidate who has no chance of winning because the alternative is a Republican.

So if you are one of those “but I want to vote with my heart!” people, save your bleating.  Not here for it.  I’m more concerned with you helping Jeb Bush or Scott Walker into office because you voted Green than hearing your list of grievances against Hillary that prevented you from pulling her lever.  If the Republicans put someone in the White house in 2016, it won’t be because the majority of the country wanted them there.  It won’t be because they ran the better campaign.  It will be because too many people with an idealistic view of Democracy voted for their favorite candidate instead of casting a vote against  the GOP.  When I vote next year, I won’t be voting for Hillary Clinton.  I’ll be voting to keep the least terrible option far away from the White House.