This. Is. It.

TODAY and tomorrow, help us tell Congress that ANY reauthorization of expiring Patriot Act provisions is simply unacceptable.

Late last Friday, the Senate sent a message to anyone in the business of undermining meaningful progress on surveillance reform: stop-gap attempts to extend expiring Patriot Act authorities that have violated our civil liberties just aren’t going to cut it.

But this fight isn’t over. And while the NSA has reported they have begun the shutdown of illegal and unconstitutional mass spying programs, Senators will return to Washington, DC this Sunday for a last-minute attempt to determine the fate of the Patriot Act.

Here’s the deal: members of Congress are on recess in their home districts. Representatives and Senators need to hear where we stand — that’s why we’re organizing nationwide drop-in days for surveillance reform at Congressional district offices TODAY, May 28 and TOMORROW, May 29.

Can you drop by one of your Senators’ district offices today or tomorrow (or your representative’s district office if it’s closer) to ask that they oppose ANY reauthorization of expiring Patriot Act provisions?

YES, count me in!

NO, I can’t make it — but I’ll call my Senators at 1-920-END-4-215 to send the message.

It’s super-easy to participate — you can drop by your Senator’s local district office at any time today or tomorrow (we’ll be there on our lunch break), and the visit itself will take just a few minutes. We’ll email you with all the info you need to make an impact — including a tool that you can use to find the nearest district office.

Dropping by is a simple and effective way for constituents to share their voices with members of Congress. And you’ll be part of a wave of visits happening in cities and towns across the country.

Just click here if you can make it to a district office today or tomorrow.

Thanks for standing with us. It’s now or never.


Just who is Supporting Bernie Sanders?

Not a single elected Democrat has called for secession, as Rick Perry did. Not a single elected Democrat defied the Supreme Court to the extent of sending in the National Guard and provoking an insane confrontation with the local police, as Jeb Bush did during Schiavo. Not a single elected Democrat is so anti-reality and anti-science that they believe that if women are “legitimately raped,” they will be protected from pregnancy as Todd Akin did.

Liberals might not like hearing this, but it’s going to be Hillary Clinton or a Republican in 2016. It really breaks down to these two options: 

1. Either get on board with Hillary Clinton, even if she’s not everything you’ve dreamed of. 

- or -

2. Whine and cry because Elizabeth Warren isn’t going to run, become apathetic, then let Republicans win the White House in 2016; likely replace four Supreme Court Justices over the following 8 years; start a war with Iran; ruin the planet; destroy our economy again; and undo all the good that’s been done these last 6 years.

Those are your choices.  Period.  No one else has a chance of winning.  Every vote you idealistically hand over to the Green Party or your favorite independent is a vote the Republicans were praying wouldn’t go to Hillary Clinton.  The two party system sucks.  The Electoral College is ridiculous and needs to be done away with.  However.  If either of the major parties even has the possibility of fracturing, it will happen to the GOP first.  The Batshit Crazy Terrible Republicans will split from the Just Regular Terrible Republicans and neither will have enough support to win an election.  Then the Left can split into Actual Save The Country Democrats and Wall Street Democrats like Hillary Clinton.   Until that happens, it’s just not safe to vote for a candidate who has no chance of winning because the alternative is a Republican.

So if you are one of those “but I want to vote with my heart!” people, save your bleating.  Not here for it.  I’m more concerned with you helping Jeb Bush or Scott Walker into office because you voted Green than hearing your list of grievances against Hillary that prevented you from pulling her lever.  If the Republicans put someone in the White house in 2016, it won’t be because the majority of the country wanted them there.  It won’t be because they ran the better campaign.  It will be because too many people with an idealistic view of Democracy voted for their favorite candidate instead of casting a vote against  the GOP.  When I vote next year, I won’t be voting for Hillary Clinton.  I’ll be voting to keep the least terrible option far away from the White House.

Nothing shows you have something important to contribute than standing on a car, grabbing your crotch, with both middle fingers in the air.
Only the stupid burn the neighborhood in which they live. It’s their own neighborhood, if they want to torch it let them, and when the dust settles in a few days they can live in it. Nothing’s achieved destroying your own community. That’s just creating a cycle - you loot and destroy businesses, and then you complain about poverty and rundown neighborhoods and government not funding enough for your neighborhood revival.


Bernie Sanders is an old leftist crank — we mean that in the best possible way — from Brooklyn. You can tell that he is from Brooklyn if you listen to any word that he says. We will be hearing a lot more about the MILLIONAYUHS AND BILLIONAYUHS over the next year or so, and we’ll be hearing it from someone who didn’t just arrive at his opinions yesterday after commissioning a few focus groups.

Dissatisfied with Clinton’s centrism? Well, Warren won’t run and O'Malley’s a poser. Embrace the blunt Brooklynite